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2, Dec 2020 |

“Museum in a Changing World. New challenges, New inspirations”


Nepal is a small landlocked country but with a varied geographical structure. And Nepal is best known for the home of the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest, and other summits that hold the glory of the country. And it is very important to the history and keep its record of every event, be it small or significant ones, to “preserve the saga of the momentous feats in the history of mountaineering in the Himalayan peaks in particular”.

Therefore, International Mountain Museum (IMM) has been built in Pokhara, Nepal, carrying the notion “Museum in a Changing World. New challenges, New inspirations”. It was first established on November 01, 1973, by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). The Himalaya is the honor that Nepalese people carry. To hold this glorious prestige, we must know our history and protect it. The museums give you a scholarly yet fascinating ride into the cultural values of mountain people, flora and fauna it fosters, geological mysteries, the natural, breathtaking beauty, and the various momentous expeditions in the history of mountaineering.

People who are fascinated by the Himalayas are strongly recommended to take a visit there.


What the museum exhibits:

The main structure of the museum is divided into five halls, whereas other interesting aspects are also displayed on its premises.

Mountain People Gallery

In the first basement hall, the visitors can see life-size models displayed wearing cultural outfits that showcase the indigenous habitat and lifestyle of people living in the Himalayan region of Nepal.

Mountain Gallery

The second arena leads you to the hall of the World Mountains. This section is focused on the geological aspect with history and important information about all 14 peaks over 8 thousand meters, the samples of rocks, and the collection of flora and fauna. Another small section here has been dedicated to the five prominent personalities who contributed to mountaineering history.

Mountain Activities Gallery

The expedition of trekking and mountaineering is one of the most adventurous activities for travelers. This hall exhibits the equipment, clothes, professional loops of the ropes, and pictures from various markable expeditions. And it also has a section dedicated to the Yeti, a mythological giant brown bear, whom nobody has seen, but many believe it exists.


This room is for the ritual of Buddhist tradition and to offer prayers. The detailed work in the interior of this room is very eye-catching and peaceful at the same time.

Associates Gallery

This last basement is dedicated to preserving the knowledge of the socio-economic life of the mountain people. You can see the exhibition on the past, present, and future planned activities dedicated to conserving the various aspect of the Himalayas. Also, one can have a closer view of different flora and fauna that habitats in the mountain region.

Living Museum

This structure lies in the premises of the museum, not so far from the main building. Built-in 5.10 hectares of the land, this arena gives you a brief experience of real settings on the lifestyle and culture of people from different tribes and clans of Nepal.

Mount Manaslu Model

A model of Mount Manaslu of 31 feet stands high in the arena of the museum. It is one of the attractions of the museum giving the experience of a real mountaineering journey. Since this mountain was first conquered by the Japanese, it was built by Japan International Cooperation Agency and other clubs inside IIM.


Other Facilities

The museum also facilitates a library that is attached to Lakhang, and it is open to everyone. A Gorkha Village restraint and a Souvenir shop also operate inside the museum. Another significant section is the Maurice Herzog Climbing Wall, where visitors can experience rock climbing. The museum also organizes wall climbing competitions annually.

This museum stands in one of the most fascinating destinations of Nepal for travelers. Pokhara is also a gateway to many expeditions for hiking and trekking. Therefore, visiting the International Mountain Museum in Ghari Patan, Pokhara will be worth your time.

IIM is also famous among the geologists, environmentalists, and sociologists who devour their time to study the history and present and digs deep into them to protect the glory and honor of Nepal.


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