Aircraft Museum- Dhangadhi

6, Jan 2021 |

Perfect place for Aero plane enthusiasts, students and tourists, It is a museum made inside a defunct aircraft having Café, small miniature planes and uniforms of aeroplane crew members inside of it.

The museum is located in Hasanpur, Dhangadhi and was established and promoted by former Pilot Bed Upreti back in 2014 making it the first of it’s kind. It is believed that it is the world’s first miniature aircraft museum in a jet aircraft. This museum is actually made inside a defunct Fokker 100 aircraft that once belonged to Cosmic Air.

 It ia s perfect place for Aero plane enthusiasts, students and tourists as it is made inside a plane having Café, small miniature planes and uniforms of aeroplane crew members that you can try inside of it. The museum showcases photos of many famous tourist destinations across the world, including items of historic and archeological importance collected from the Far West region of Nepal with the aim of promoting tourism in western Nepal.

A very nominal fees of Rs.150 for Adults and Rs.50 for students is charged at the entrance, when you proceed towards the entrance of the museum, you are greeted by a sign bearing instructions to take off your shoes, then a man  dressed in the uniform of a flight attendant offers greetings which somehow provides the experience of being in a real aircraft. Inside the defunct Fokker 100 aircraft museum, there are around 200 miniature commercial planes and fighter jets on display. Along with the miniature planes, there are aerial photo galleries and cockpit café.

 There is a facility to grab quick snacks, tea and coffee as well. You can find pictures of beautiful tourist attractions from all over Nepal and Abroad all taken by the founder Bed Upreti himself. You can watch a documentary inside of it about why the museum was built and it’s details. The revenue from the museum gets used to assist the cancer patients. A second museum, The Aviation Museum was established in Kathmandu by Bed Upreti Trust in 2017 after the success of Aircraft Museum Dhangadhi.


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