Mount Cho Oyu Expedition

27, Sep 2020 |

Mount Cho Oyu expedition, best choice for the climbers who want to ascend other 8000m above peaks, provide you an exhilarating trip with moderate level of skill.


If you are an experienced mount climber and are looking for something more adventurous that will increase your success rate than Cho Oyu summit should be your first priority. Mount Cho Oyu, situated at the height of 8,201 meters, is the sixth highest mountain in the world and it is one of the most climbed peaks as compared to other 8000m above mountains of Nepal because it is somehow a bit easier to climb than others. It is located in the Khumbu Himal in between the border of Nepal and Tibet which is 30km west of Mt. Everest. Cho Oyu is a name given by a Tibetan which means 'Turquoise Goddess'. It is also reported that this name's meaning is 'Mighty Head' which signifies 'God's Head'. Cho yo lies in the right of China and in the northeast of Nepal. The main trading route connecting Tibet and Sherpas of Nepal is Nang la Pass (5,716m) which is a few kms west of Cho Oyu. Nowadays, while climbing Cho Oyu people prefer to climb it from the Tibet side to avoid any kind of danger considering that it is a lot more easier to ascend from that side.


The view of peak plateau of Cho Oyu climb is breath-taking when the weather is clear. You can witness the entire panoramic view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt Nuptse, Mt. Chamlang, Mt. Ama Dablam and many other peaks reside in Khumbu region. You can also enjoy the view of the amazing sunset of the Turquoise Goddess. This expedition will take you from Kathmandu to Tibet where you can explore lifestyle, culture, tradition of Sherpa communities. You will be honoured by the hospitality of all the sherpa people and can learn many new things from them. Since Cho Oyu is on the border of Nepal and Tibet, you will get a chance to explore all the landscape of Tibet, too. On the way, you will enter into Cho Oyo National Park where varieties of flowers, medicinal herbs and animals are kept safely. If you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to encounter them.


Mount Cho Oyu was first climbed on October 19, 1954 by an Austrian expedition consisting of Herbert Tichy, Joseph Jöchler and Sherpa Pasang Dawa Lama who followed the route of north-west ridge and was set as standard route onwards then. In 1959, some group of women made a world wide record of first women's himalayan expedition to 8000m above peak by climbing Cho Oyu. However, during this journey 2 of the women from the same group and one sherpa guide were killed in two seperate avalanches.


The mountain Cho Oyu is climbable during both spring and autumn seasons as during this season peak area will be neither too hot nor too cold so that you will be able to enjoy the scenic beauty from there without any struggle and danger.


It takes around 40 to 48 days to complete the whole expedition but there can be certain up and down depending upon weather condition and other several circumstances.


Cho Oyu expedition has three main routes - the Northwest, the Northeast, and the Southwest and impressive Southwest faces rising up to 3000m. As, the peak can be climbed from both Nepalese sides up on south face and northeast ridge routes and Tibetan side along the Northwest ridge route with North approach being an easier and a standard route, which was also the route of the first ascent in 1954.


Cho Oyu expedition has the higher rate of success than any other 8000m above peaks which is why Cho Oyu climbing has always become the first choice of climbers. According to a few year back data, there were about 4000 successful ascents and 44 fatalities have been recorded. The main causes of death were altitude sickness, avalanches and some died because of fall too.


The cost for Cho Oyu expedition ranges from US $ 15,000 to US $ 20,000  on which you will get full services which cover ground transfers, flight and cargo, accommodations and meals, permit and fees, supporting staff fees, equipment at Base Camp etc. If you want to lower your cost, then you can go for semi- services where both cost and facilities will be less for you.

NOTE: The cost may vary depending upon services and rules of the travel agency.


There are several requirements for climbing Mt. Cho Oyu and they are;

Technical Climbing Skills- Mt. Cho Oyu is a technical mountain which demands technical climbing skills and if you don't possess this skill then Cho Oyu is not safe for you.

Fitness Certificate: Climbers should submit their fitness certificate in order to avoid future damage and to make sure that they are ready for adventurous activities like expedition.

Experienced: In order to climb Mt. Cho Oyu, you must climb other mountains with height in between 6000m to 7000m.

Travel Documents: PP size photos, valid passport, insurance paper, family members contact address etc.

Mountaineering equipments- Crampons, Ice axe, Helmet, Harness, Lock and unlock Carabineers, Shovel, Climbing pack, Rope, Ski poles, Jummer, Tapes, Prusik Loops, Rappel device, Hand Warmer etc.

Clothing and Wears- Snow google, Wool cap, Thermal Underwear, Trekking shoes with spare laces, Mountaineering Boots, Gore-Tex pants, Long shorts, Insulated Parka, Jumper, Waterproof Jackets, Down Jacket, Fleece Vest,Neck Gaiter, Gloves etc.

Gadgets- Map, Compass, Camera, GPS, Two way radios, Binoculars, Head Lamp, Flashlight etc.

Other equipment: Sleeping bags, Bag packs, Sun stuff, Medical, Eating and Drinking stuffs, Toiletries, Fleece hats and so on.


You have to take permits from following authority by paying certain charges;

Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS)- NRS 1000 (USD 9) per person if they have come in a group and NRS 2000 (USD 18) per person if they have come individually.

Cho Oyu Climbing Permit- USD 1800 for spring, USD 900 for autumn and USD 450 for winter/summer.

Permit should be taken from Government of Nepal since height above 8000m peaks permit are given by them. This permit will be taken by your trekking company and will charge a specific amount of money. Without a valid permit you are not allowed to climb Mt. Cho Oyu Peak. Also, one needs to pay fees for Liaison Officer, his/her insurance, food allowance, Insurance of whole Nepali staff including porters in order to obtain permit and Garbage Deposit at ministry.


In Nepal, climbing Mt. Cho Oyu imposed certain kind of age, health restrictions and they are;

Age- Minimum 16 and no restriction has been set in upper age till now

Health- Should have a strong body, risk taking mindset and health should be free from any kind of sudden attack diseases.

NOTE: Till now in Nepal, permits to climb mountains in Nepal are issued by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) to 33 peaks and rest of others permits are issued by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation.


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