The natural beauty of Ramaroshan

23, Aug 2020 |

Land of meadows and lakes,it is also home to Nepal’s national bird, the Danfe

Ramaroshan a picturesque hill station with meadows and lakes is located in Achham District of Nepal at the altitude of 2500m. Renowned for 18 patches of the meadow (locally known as patans) it is a major tourism site of Achham District.

mount api and saipal in ramaroshan

It is also the only habitat of Nepal’s national bird the Danfe (Lophophorus).  It is also a good place to view the Budhi Ganga basin, along with the peaks of Mount Api, and Mount Saipal.

danfe, national bird of nepal

The place is surrounded by stiff rocky cliffs and green forests, terraced hill slopes and enchanting lakes. The abundant and colorful orchids and flowers along the way make it a must-visit place for exploring travelers.


History and Myth

The name is supposed to be derived after the name of Lord Ram. It is believed that Rama used to come to visit this place for its peace and serenity which was called Roshan at that time. Hence it got its name.

badi malika temple in ramaroshan in achham

The place also holds religious significance because Lord Shiv and Parvati supposedly spent some time here after their wedding. Even in the present day, there are two neighboring wetlands called Rama and Roshan.


Natural Paradise

Ramaroshan is the only habitat of the national bird of Nepal, Danfe (Lophophorus) and is also famous for its rhododendron forests.

ramaroshan lake in nepal achham

Most of the lakes are covered by various types of flowers that add to their natural beauty. Nature has also blessed this area with a wide variety of wildlife that includes tigers, bears, wild cats, musk deer, pheasants and a variety of bird species.


Highlights of the place

honey harvesting in ramaroshan

Honey harvesting

Sedimentary rock cliffs

Budhi Ganga basin    

Badi Malika Temple

Spectacular view of Mt. Api, Mt. Saipal


Getting there

Ramaroshan is located 424 km away from the capital Kathmandu. Take the bus from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi and then to Mangelsen from Dhangadi which is a 10hour ride from the city.

From Mangalsen, Ramaroshan is approximately 4 hours along beautiful scenic roads. Both private and public vehicles are available to take you there.



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