Khokana: A historical and cultural treasure

11, Sep 2020 |

Nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site it awaits listing for its tourism offerings



A small traditional and historical Newar village, Khokana is located at 8kms south of the capital Kathmandu and is the first place in Nepal to have electricity.


Khokana is well known for the cultivation and production of mustard oil and is famous for mustard oil in the country. The place was nominated by UNESCO World Heritage Site for its vernacular village and its mustard-oil production awaits listing. The city provides one of the finest organic mustard oil in the country.


History and Myth

An interesting story circulates around the corner of the village about how the place got its name. The word Khokana is derived from the Newari word "Khona" which means "narrating while weeping".


According to legend a priest was taken to the banks of the Bagmati River for cremation along with his wife for sati. The heavy rain delayed the process and the priest who was believed dead “came back to life”. However they were not allowed to stay in the village which made them leave while weeping. The couple was blessed with a new village by the goddess Shikali Devi and that place was now known as Khokana.


Highlights of Khokana


The Rudrayani Temple

Dominant with three-tiers this is the most distinctive architectural feature. The temple is especially crowded during Shikali Jatra which native people of the Khokana celebrate instead of Dashain.


Jitapur Mandap

The rest house where major activities like cultural processions and religious performances are observed. It is believed that Goddess Rudrayani rested here during the festivals in ancient times.


De Pukhu

A rectangular pond where the rituals are conducted before sacrificing animals during the Jatra. The pond’s name translates as the God Pond in English.


Mustard oil production using traditional means and measures.


Traditional Newari cuisine.

Offers insights into ancient Nepal and its literature.

The Sikali Temple

Historical ponds like Kha Pukhu, Pala Pukhu, Ga Pukhu, Kutu Pukhu.

Experience festivals and cultural celebrations here.


Getting there

Khokana is a quick 30 minutes ride from the heart of Kathmandu. Regular buses and city taxis can get you there. For the history and culture of the valley, Khokana is the best destination and closest place in the valley.



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