Ghodaghodi; Playground of the Gods

10, Sep 2020 |

Situated in the wetland corridor connecting Bardiya National Park and Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, Ghodaghodi has a lot to enjoy.



Ghodaghodi is town located in Kailali district in the far-west of Nepal. It is named after the famous Ghodaghodi Lake in the town. The area is also known as the wetland corridor connecting the famous Bardiya National Park and Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve.



According to ancient myth the city derived its name from the Nepali word Ghoda which means horse. According to legend, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati used to turn into horses and visit the areas near the lake.


Near to the Bardiya National Park and Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve the place is home to many natural wonders. The area is blessed with 13 large and small lakes and ponds. Nakhrodi lake and other marshes and meadows add to the charm of the place.


It is also the station for much rare flora and fauna to be found. Water Primrose, Bladderwort, Orchids, Ferruginous Ducks, Asiatic Rock Pythons, Red Crowned Roof Turtles and the tiger are some of the wildlife offerings that can be sighted here.

Highlights and things to do

Ghodaghodi Lake is a beautiful natural freshwater lake having finger like projections on the lower slopes of the Siwalik.

Ghodaghodi Temple is popular among devotees and a special fair is held on Aghan Purnima and Maghi. Devotees make offerings of horses, elephants and tigers made of clay in return for granting their wishes.

Hike around the natural and easy trails of the Siwalik Hills.


Enjoy the warm hospitality of local people, their culture and way of life. You can also enjoy a community stays in Maghi village. Their traditional dances like Deuda, Sakhiya Nach and others are enjoyed by most visitors.

Shop for handicrafts like wooden elephants, horses and bamboo items.

Explore nearby villages like Darakh, Sadepani, Ramsikhar, Phalampur.


Getting there

Ghodaghodi is connected to the Mahendra Highway. The town is 613kms from Kathmandu and takes about 12 hours to reach by bus. The best way to explore the place is by rickshaw, local transport or traditional bullock carts which are found everywhere and are ready to take you to the desired destinations.



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