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The gateway to Chitwan National Park

Located at the southern bank of the Narayana river, Bharatpur is the fourth largest city in Nepal. Bharatpur city is the third most visited tourist destination after Pokhara and Kathmandu. It is a metropolitan city and the district headquarter of Chitwan. Bharatpur is one of the fastest-growing cities in Nepal and serves as a commercial center of the Chitwan district and the central region of Nepal. Narayanghat is an important trading area, which is situated in the center of Bharatpur. Most of the shopping center lies in the area. While government offices, hospitals and colleges are situated in other parts of the city, including Nepal's Premier Cancer Hospital, B.P Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital.


Bharatpur has a population of 1,99,869 as of the latest data. The predominantly spoken language is Nepali, Tamang, Chepang, Gurung, Newari, Tharu and Bhojpuri. Being located on the bank of Narayani River and Rapti river, the soil is fertile and filled with humus content. Also, the irrigation infrastructure is also quite good in this region. So, most of the people in this area are engaged in agriculture while some are in the small-scale processing industry along with the poultry industry, honey, floriculture, mushroom and tourism and the hospitality industry is also expanding day by day in the city of Bharatpur. 

Some of the major attraction of the city

Chitwan National Park; The first National Park of Nepal.

Chitwan National Park

Upardanghari Fort.

Bishazari Tal; Twenty thousand lakes and bird watcher paradise.

Bishazari Tal

Kasara Durbar; it is being used as an office of the Chitwan National Park and hosts a museum.

Diyalo Bangla Palace; The spring season palace used by the Shah Dynasty of Nepal. 

Rapti River.

Rapti River

DasDhunga; The people's leader Madan Bhandari was killed there in an accident.

Chitwan Jungle Safari and Elephant Riding.

Elephant Riding

Enjoy the local delicacies like Tass, Momo, Sukuti, Newari food, Tharu Food and many more. 

Elephant Breeding Center.

Elephant Breeding Center

Indulge with Tharu culture.

Religious Places like Devghat, Ganeshthan Temple, Bageshwari Temple, Harihar Temple, Kalika Temple, Durga Temple, Shahwat Dham and so on.

Durga Temple

Tinkhola Monastery.

Narayanghat and Narayani River; A major shopping area and famous for Taas, a spicy fried goat-meat lunch dish served with bhuja or chiura

Narayani River

Sunset and Sunrise view over the Rapti river and Narayani River.


Rani Pokhari; It has been developed into an open-air sculpture museum and is famous for a picnic. 

Jalbire Waterfall.

Jalbire Waterfall.

Chiraichalai Hill.

Getting There

The main artery of the country Mahendra Highway runs through the city. Bharatpur is located at the crossing of  Mahendra Highway and Madan Ashrit Highway. The city is 150km from Kathmandu and can take about 4-5 hours on a local bus. The best way to explore the city is by cycle rickshaws, local bus, taxies and electric rickshaws. They are found almost everywhere ready to take you to your desired location.

Bharatpur Airport

Bharatpur does have an airfield. Moreover, Bharatpur is the only city in Nepal that has two operating airports. Bharatpur Airport, in the central part of the city, offers daily flights to Kathmandu and to Pokhara. Meghauli Airport is a smaller airstrip in the southwest of the city. Yeti Airlines, Buddha Airlines and many other airlines are providing their service and connecting the people of Bharatpur with the capital.



Jiri:  Gateway to the Everest Region

Bandipur: The city which has not lost its touch with the past culture, tradition and art of Newari people

Sauraha: The gateway to the oldest national park of Nepal; Chitwan National Park

Putalibazar: City of Soldiers

Beni: Gateway to Mustang

Chame: The land beyond the Himalayas; Manang

Dhunche: The smallest district of The Himalayan Region; Rasuwa

Panauti: One of the oldest town of Nepal

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