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Gateway to Mustang

Located the confluence of the Kali Gandaki and Myagdi River, Beni has been the gateway to the famous Muktinath Temple. The city is located at an altitude of 899m. Beni literally means the place where two rivers meet. It was the winter headquarter of Parvat Rajya. Beni is a municipality and the district headquarters of Myagdi. There are different sayings behind the origin of the word ‘Myagdi’. It is said that ‘Meng’ means Thapas and ‘Di’ means the river, the combination forms the name of river ‘Mengdi’, the river that flows in the state ruled by Thapa’s. Later it turned into Myagdi, however, it is still called Mengdi in Magar language still. 


The city covers an area of 76.25 square kilometers and had a population of 33,498 with 8,652 households in 2011. The majority of people of Beni speak Nepali along with Maga, Kham and Newari. Min Bahadur Sherchan, the oldest man to climb Mount Everest was born in the Myagdi district of Nepal. Similarly, it is also believed that the birthplace of grandson ‘Pulastya’ of the King of Lanka ‘Ravan’ also lies here.


Some of the attraction of the place

Gateway to Mustang and Manang.

Rafting at Kali Gandaki or Myagdi River.

Myagdi River

Lovely Hill.

Galeshwor Temple and Takam Kot Mandir.

Galeshwor Temple

Explore the nearby village like Narjang, Pulachour, Raakhu, Gurja, Dana.

Poon Hill trek.

Poon Hill trek

Community Homestay; Experience the warm hospitality of the Magar, Pun community people. 


Mohare HillAnnapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Churain, Manapathi, Gurja mountain range can be observed from the top of the hill.

Mohare Hill

Explore the wildlife and plants of the jungles.



Jadbharat Cave.

Honey Hunting in the overhangs of these mountains.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve; The only hunting reserve in Nepal.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

Rupsey Waterfall.

Rupsey Waterfall.

Khopra Lake.

Nangi Village.

Nangi Village.

Rhododendron Forest.

Rhododendron Forest.

Getting There

Beni is connected to two important cities i.e Baglung Bazar of Baglung and Kushma Bazar of Parbat which are located 38 km and 41 km respectively. A paved highway connects the town with Pokhara, 92 km to the east. The city is 290 km from Kathmandu and can take about 9 hours on a local bus. Small-sized automobiles like local buses, taxies and motorbikes are useful for travelling in this area. 

Beni doesn't have an airfield. However, Baglung Airport and Pokhara Airport are located close to the city. Regular buses and taxis are available to reach Beni from the airport. Yeti Airlines, Shree Airlines have been providing their service.




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