Bajhang, the city of kings

23, Aug 2020 |

Gateway to Mount Kailash in Tibet 

Bajhang is in a beautiful part of far west Nepal. The district with its headquarters at Chainpur has a rich historical identity. It is also known as the city of kings as it has many ruins of palaces and forts. The district lies on the banks of the Seti River and is also known as the best district for fresh yogurt and milk.

Bajhang is an interesting place for travellers as it offers many notable attractions such as sacred pilgrimage sites, historical sites and trekking possibilities.


Natural beauty

Bajhang is one of the beautiful places with snowy mountains like Saipal Himal, Sankhamala Himal, Lama peak, Ramkot peak and others. It is known as the district with continuous Himalayan trails. The highlands are rich in wildlife and hosts animals like black bears, wolves, hispid hares, blue sheep, barking deer and snow leopards.

Its natural beauty makes is a perfect place for adventure trekking. Most importantly the district is known for the Yarsagumba. Along with amazing rocks, nature sculpted rock faces, huge grassland and beautiful lakes Bajhang offers huge potential for tourism.



Mount Saipal

The impressive 7031 m, Mount Saipal is the second highest peak of the Far Western Himalayas. Climbers prefer it to the higher Mount Api, since the trekking route to the base camp is less strenuous.

The trail continues up to the Urai Bhanjyang pass, which is the main gateway to the holy Mount Kailash in Tibet

Surmasarovar Lake

Southwest of the Mount Saipal range, lies the beautiful Surmasarowar Lake at an altitude of 4300 m.

surma sarovar lake bajhang nepal

It does not only have natural and historical significance but also offers therapeutic value. It is believed that a dip in this lake helps cure skin diseases. There is also the myth that in doing so, the Goddess Surma will be pleased and she will help fulfill your wishes.

Every year, around the end of July, a big festival called Birijaat takes place there. Thousands of pilgrims come here for a ritual bath during this annual event.

Apart from the lake, the trekking route to Surmasarowar itself is a major attraction.

Khaptad Baba Asram

khaptad baba bajhang

Dedicated to the Swami Sachita Nanada it is situated at 2923 m above sea level. The ashram offers gorgeous natural scenery and a vast rare variety of aromatic and medical plants. Fall and spring is the best time to visit here as the weather adds to the beauty of the place.

khaptad baba ashram bajhang


Getting there

One can reach the district of Bajhang by the Khopde-Bajhang Road which is also known as the Jaya Prithivi Bahadur Singh Road. The road covers 109 km from Khopde to Bajhang and is the only road that connects the district to the headquarters.

Buses are available from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi and then from Dhangadhi to Bajhang. The nearly 19 hour bus ride will keep you amazed with its breathtaking views.



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