Chepang Community Prepares for Chonam Festival

Source: image: myRepublica 7, Sep 2023

The Chhonam festival serves as a vibrant testament to their rich heritage and cultural traditions

Mustang's Mustang Golf Course Targets World Record in Golf Challenge

Source: Rss 7, Sep 2023

Golf enthusiasts eagerly await this exceptional event, showcasing the region's natural beauty while aiming to make the Mustang Golf Course an official...

Ainapahara Waterfall Gaining Popularity Among Domestic Tourists

Source: Rss 7, Sep 2023

A detailed master plan has been prepared to ensure the systematic development of Ainapahara Waterfall, solidifying its position as a must-visit destin...

Tharu Community Celebrates Ashtimki Festival

Source: image: Offline Thinker 6, Sep 2023

The Ashtimki festival brings the Tharu community together in a celebration of art, spirituality, and tradition, reaffirming their rich cultural herita...

Baglung Market Revives Bhadaure Dance

Source: Rss 6, Sep 2023

What makes the Bhadaure dance revival even more noteworthy is its ability to transcend caste boundaries, attracting interest from various communities

Krishna Mandir in Patan Draws a Crowd of Devotees

Source: Rss 6, Sep 2023

For worship, the devotees have queued up at the temple since early morning

Shree Krishna Janmashtami being celebrated across the country today

Source: Rss 6, Sep 2023

Devotees, especially women, spend the night chanting prayers and devotional songs, dancing, and lighting oil-fed lamps

Mela in Taksar to preserve the tradition

Source: Rss 5, Sep 2023

Shrikrishna Janmashtami Mela, which is held every year for the preservation of language, religion, culture, and tradition in Taksar, will be organized...

Devraj Padhya's Quest: Uncovering Far West's Treasures

Source: Rss 4, Sep 2023

Devraj Padhya of Gauriganga Municipality-4 of Kailali reached Mahendranagar in Kanchanpur on Sunday evening and ended his journey of travelling 77 dis...

Over 600,000 foreign tourists visit Nepal in eight months

Source: Rss 3, Sep 2023

The graph of the tourists' inflow has been on the rise in recent months as the tourists arrival from the expected destinations is gradually increasing...

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