Where to Find… Your Wednesday Mo:mo

2, Nov 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

Ghangri Café is the synonym to open mo:mo

With time, you can see the evolution or fusion of several types of mo:mo, and it is not absurd to claim that open mo:mo is one of them. When it comes to open momo, Ghangri Café is the place to be. 

Located at Jhamsikhel road, Patan, this place is one of the unique cafés with a welcoming and charming ambience. A large restaurant with wooden tables and chairs and hanging greens on the side walls create a clean and fresh atmosphere. The menu offers a wide variety of delicious and mouthwatering dishes, among them Suimai Open Mo:mo is their special one.

 The mo:mos are open at the top, allowing you to see your fillings and add different dips. These mouth-watering Mo:mos go well with all three dips equally; the mild peanuts dip, the tangy tomato dip, and the vinegary green chilly dip. Overall, a very gratifying and lovely sensation. 

Their Chicken Suimai Open Mo:mo costs Rs 400 per plate and has exquisite flavour

(Photo Credit: Ghangri Cafe)


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