Udhauli Parva: A celebration of nature’s blessings

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Udhauli Parva is celebrated with much enthusiasm by the Kirant community

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Udhauli Parva is celebrated with much enthusiasm by the Kirant community. It symbolizes the celebration of the season according to the religion of the Kirants. Udhauli symbolizes the winter season and falls in the month of Mangsir on a full moon night.

According to the holy book of the Kirants Mundhum there are two phases in a year: Ubhauli and Udhauli. The word Udhauli means downward whereas Ubhauli means upward.

udhaulli festival nepal

Kirants worship nature and agriculture being the life line they celebrate Udhauli as a festival of thanks to nature for providing them a good harvest. They celebrate the festival by organizing a feast and performing their ethnic dance Sakela Naach. They play musical instruments like Dhol, Jhyamta, baja etc. The Kirant women wear chhit ko guneu (a dress made from a specially patterned cloth) on this festival.

It is a colourful, lively affair that celebrates the migration of birds and animals to lower altitudes as winter approaches. Kirants originally are known to reside in the eastern hilly regions of Nepal. This festival is celebrated throughout the country by Kirants.



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