Top Five Rangoli Designs for this Tihar

23, Oct 2022 |

No decoration in Tihar is complete without a rangoli!

As Laxmi Puja nears and your social media feed is overflowing with rangoli designs, you might not know which design to choose for your own house. Fret not because that’s what we are here for, and in this succession of our top 5 series, Nepal Traveller brings you the Top 5 Rangoli Designs for this Tihar. 


Peacock Rangoli:

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Probably the most visually appealing rangoli design, peacock rangoli is equally tedious to make. You need stencils, rangoli colours, pens, spoons and maybe even flowers and petals if you are willing to walk the extra mile. A link to a video tutorial on the rangoli has been embedded in the title.


Flower Patterns Rangoli

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Easier to make than Peacock Rangoli, Flower Patterned Rangolis are also more popular among Nepali households. If it is less work that you seek, you can just use flowers, petals, leaves and diyo to make this rangoli– you can choose whether you want to include colours or not– if you are going for a more beautiful looking Rangoli, you might want to work with colours. 


Clay Diyo Rangoli:

One of the most effortless Rangoli designs, you just need to make a mandala and decorate it with clay diyos for this design. You can choose to design the rangoli with flowers, preferably lotus. You can make the design as shown in the embedded video, garnish the rangoli off with diyo as you see fit, and top that off with flowers. 


Square-Shaped Rangoli:

The square rangoli is for you if you want something unorthodox but easier to make. The rangoli is square-shaped, so it’s easy to scale. Typically, this design is made with white borders and different designs on the inside. You can decorate the corners with diyo, put the diyo at the centre, and go for other designs on the corners. 


Lotus-Shaped Rangoli:

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This design is relatively difficult to make but also looks really beautiful if made correctly. This rangoli is shaped like a lotus, so you will need white, pink and green colours to make this. It’s better to get stencils, but they can also be made manually. You can also branch the lotus into other decorations, including diyo or other lotuses; you can also use petals for extra effect.


Happy Tihar! We hope this list helps you select a rangoli design.


Saaid Koirala 

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