Top 5 Traditional Art to take back as souvenirs

Keep the memento of your visit in Nepal with these traditional art

9, Jun 2022 |

A diversity of people and culture gives Nepal its true essence. A multitude of souvenirs and memories come to mind but finding just the right piece might be quite a hassle. Here, we present to you the Top 5 art pieces you can take back.


Thangka is the traditional art of painting on a portable canvas which is strung on a bamboo frame. Thangka paintings are a representation of Buddhism while serving as an important tool to portray the life of Buddha and influential lamas. Traditionally, Thangkas have been used as teaching tools to elaborate historical events along with amending myths. In many rituals, meditation and ceremonies; Thangka is in compulsive demand as they represent spiritual reality.


A Thangka piece is priceless and one with exquisite intricacies makes for a great souvenir. You can find numerous stores in Thamel and even around the famed heritage sites in Kathmandu.


2-Mithila Paintings

Mithila Painting is centuries-old Nepali folk art which is traditionally practised in Mithila region on cloth, paper or mud wall by women to decorate their houses and temples. Natural dyes and pigments are used in Mithila art with fingers, locally available brushes, pen, twigs and even matchsticks to provide geometric characteristics.

Due to convenient size and striking artwork Mithila painting can be a very thoughtful piece of souvenir which are conveniently retailed in Mithila region and shops near various religious sites of Kathmandu. 


3-Himalayan Masks

Himalayan Masks have traditional belief to provide calm and serenity to devotees seeking insight through prayer and meditation. On the other hand, they are predestined to nail fear and terror into the hearts of evil forces. Himalayan Masks are usually made up of wood, stones and metals signifying god, demon or even animals.

 Sturdiness and their durability of Himalayan masks introduce them as one of the preeminent choices of souvenirs from Nepal. Get these beautiful art pieces in quaint alleys of Basantpur.


Mandala embraces massive spiritual value in Hindu and Buddhist culture predominantly in Asia. Incarnation of various geometric patterns highlighting circles on paper, cloth or stone; Mandala symbolises diverse aspects of the universe. Mandala is the best choice to collect memories and take back with you while browsing through the busy streets and local stores in Nepal. 

5-Nepali Puppets

Adorned in vibrant colours and intriguing traditional outfits, Nepali puppets and dolls are prepared signifying various religious characters and the Nepali people in general. Varying in sizes, colours and costumes, they are usually made up of cloth, clay, wood; string puppets provide international recognition to our traditional artistry. These puppets are found hanging outside tiny shops in Basantpur and even Thamel. 


Text By:Sampada

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