Top 5 Things To Do in Garden Of Dreams

The astoundingly lovely garden offers one of the most pleasant and excellent ambiences

25, Jan 2023 |

This garden’s sanctuary of calm and quiet is intended to entice every visitor

The Garden of Dreams is a sophisticated, neoclassical, historical garden located at the centre of Kathmandu. It is a famous destination for young people and visitors because of its attractive ambience and sitting arrangements with a picturesque surrounding. The lavish embellishments of the Garden of Dreams’ premises are breathtaking. This garden covers 6,895 sq. metres and is inspired by the gardens of Edwardian estates in England. Verandas, pavilions, an amphitheatre, pergolas, and urns are all part of the area. Fountains and ponds, inscriptions, and pavilions add to the beauty of the space. 

The Garden’s architecture is reminiscent of traditional European gardens, with paved perimeter walkways interrupted by pavilions, trellises, and diverse planting sections, all surrounded by a sunken flower garden with a big pond at its heart. Many people are drawn to the gorgeous structure because of its beauty.

The Garden of Dreams’ magnificent beauty and surroundings provide wonderful experiences and is a very nice site to have some quality time at the heart of Kathmandu. It is a garden renowned in Nepal for its historical significance as well as its magnificent surroundings. Once someone’s possession, it was not a spot where many people enjoyed their free time.

It was Nepal’s most comprehensive garden at the time. It was first constructed in the 20th century as a private garden by high ranking Rana field marshal, Kaiser Shamsher. The Garden of Dreams was constructed with the $100000 he had won in an epic game of cowrie shells.

We’ve listed few things you can do in the marvellous Garden of Dreams  for you all:

Spend quality time with your loved ones

The Garden of Dreams is a serene and beautiful place where one can experience pleasant vibes all around it. With all your parents there and your children, you can have a sweet family picnic. You can spend time with your friends in the garden while taking in the fresh air and uplifting energies.

It’s a beautiful setting for romance as well. You may spend some quality time with your special someone by bringing them to the beautiful atmosphere of the garden. 

It is a location that is appropriate for individuals of all ages. In this garden, we can observe elderly individuals watching their grandkids play and youngsters having some romance. Visit the location if you wish to share a special moment with someone.


Read a book in peace  

With its wonderful ambience, the Garden of Dreams is the perfect location for bibliophiles and avid readers. You can choose a quiet spot and settle in to start your book. You won’t be bothered by anyone as you read the book in solitude. The garden’s trees and shrubs will provide you with the ideal shade from the hot sun. Along with the words in the book you’re reading, you might feel a refreshing breeze. You may simultaneously immerse yourself in nature and the book’s character. Being present at the moment and a part of history can never be more incredible. 

If you are a bookworm, you can go there with your favourite book and spend the entire day relaxing and absorbing the tranquil surroundings. 


Have a Coffee break

Inside the Garden of Dreams, there is a charming and appealing café called Kaisar Café. The café’s serene and artistic ambience make it quite enticing. When you’re in the Garden of Dreams, you can have a coffee break at the café. The restaurant is suitable for both a family meal and a romantic date.

You can take a break from strolling around, indulge yourself in your favourite food, and then resume your activities in the Garden of Dreams.


Recreational Activities

Garden of Dreams is shaped by the beautiful surroundings and is a well-known tourist destination for some downtime and recreational pursuits. You can go barefoot on the grass to calm yourself. Take your yoga mat with you and practice yoga for health benefits, or meditate in nature for your mental well-being. Some people will be seen meditating and doing yoga.

Garden of Dreams is a sanctuary where you can experience both physical joy and spiritual serenity. If you’re interested in doing yoga and meditation, bring your yoga mats to the Garden of Dreams, the next time you visit.  


Get Instagram worthy pictures

Garden of Dreams is a really lovely location, decorated with various flowers, pavers, fountains, and ponds. If you enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with the world, this place is perfect for you.

Everywhere in this verdant and stylish garden offers incredible photo opportunities. Every nook and cranny of the location is picturesque and amazing.

We’re confident that you’ll get a lot of wonderful photos that are Instagram-worthy..

As the name indicates, the Garden of Dreams is a magnificent garden with pristine beauty and is conveniently located in the middle of the city. Please visit if you can, and have a great day creating memories that you’ll cherish for life. 

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

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