Top 5 things to do in Dang Valley

22, Nov 2022 |

Dang Valley has something for everyone

Dang is located in Nepal’s inner Terai area and is part of the Lumbini Province. The valley, which is surrounded by the Shivalik Hills and the Mahabharata Range, is Asia’s second-largest valley. You will be amazed by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination. Dang holds several historical beliefs with a lovely scene, and you won’t be bored knowing about them. The valley is densely packed with ancient temples that attract pilgrims from all across the country and India. Furthermore, captivating lakes, landscapes, and natural habitats have added to the splendor of this place.


  1. Dharapani- Pandabeshwar Mahadev Temple


Dharapani is an ancient temple that attracts pilgrims from all across the country and India. There are tales that the Pandavs brothers sat here and chanted the Shiva tantra on their way to Uttarpantha in ancient times. There is a Sas tree inside the temple, with branches reaching the temple’s roof through the window, and it is said that the locals cut the tree throughout the day and left it for pick up the next day. When the woodcutter arrived to inspect the tree, he discovered that it was still in the same condition. They did this for a few days, and the tree was back to its natural shape in the morning. It was later converted into a temple. Therefore, the flow of internal tourists has increased with the installation of the world’s largest Trishul on December 14, 2014. The Trishul weighs around 8,133kg and is constructed of brass, silver, copper, and gold. 

Furthermore, during the Shivaratri festival, the temple organizes a 5-days fair and devotees visit from different places. 

  1. Sawarikot


If you love to see the entire view of the city from the top, then this is one of the best viewpoints to visit in Dang. You can either trek or take a vehicle to reach there. However, if you enjoy trekking, it is only a four-hour walk from central city Ghorahi that will show a completely different aspect of the valley. The chilly sceneries, hustling city views, long and dense grass on the hills, and murmur sound of the west wind will steal your heart and make you want to remain. Aside from the picturesque view of the gorgeous valley, the area provides a lot of potential for paragliding

  1. Jaqkhera Lake


The breathtaking visual splendor of Jskhera Lake, located at the foot of the Chure Hills, has drawn the attention of many visitors for its picnic spots and the temple which is situated at the centre of the lake. It features two temples dedicated to Lord Ganesh in the north and Lord Siddeshwar Mahadev in the west. The main attraction of the lake is picnic spots, boating, nature trekking, and the observation of the birds and other animals through jungle safari. It’s only an hour’s journey from Ghorahi. 

  1. Purandhara Waterfall


Purandhara waterfall is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Dang. It is located 29 kilometers west of Tulsipur on the bank of the Babai River in the centre of Purandhara village’s lush green forest. The kalapani khola stream cascades from a height of 45 meters, striking the rock that formed the falls. The lush forest, the outflow from the Babai River, and the chirping sounds of birds mingling with the sound of the falls make the location particularly appealing. 

  1. Tharu cultural museum-Chakaura Dang

    Dang is rich in Tharu culture, and there is no better site to learn about traditional Tharu living than the Tharu culture museum in Dangisaran village. This second Tharu Cultural museum will offer you ethnic Tharu culture, their dances, their Tharu cuisines, traditional dresses, paintings, and many more in one place. In addition, at the entrance gate, there is a statue of king Dangisaran, who is said to have ruled the area in ancient times. 

Likewise there are some other highlights of the city are Charinge Daha, Bat Cave, Bijauri Chillikot, Chaughera Temple, Ganeshpur Park and Ambiksewari Temple. 

(Photo Credit: Ghorahi, Wild Nepal, Steemit, Travel Dairy, Tips Nepal)

Penned By: Utsav Pun

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