Top 5 reasons to visit Mugu

11, Nov 2020 |

Mugu the biggest district of Nepal is also home to some of the heart-racing adventure and mesmerizing view


Nepal has always been a heavenly paradise for trekkers through past decades. The reasons may be natural beauty, Ethnic Diversity, hospitality, and many more. Home to places with undeniable beauty, there is no doubt that it has an array of places to visit.

Let Mugu be the one. Located in one of the remote parts of the country and one of the least developed places, has a natural beauty, culture, and heartwarming people like no other in the country. Mugu has an area of 3,535 square kilometers, which ranks it as one of the biggest districts of the country. Besides the natural beauty, it has a list of offerings waiting for its visitors.

Why Mugu??? Get your checklist ready as here are the reasons to visit Mugu:

Rara Lake

Rara Lake is the biggest and deepest freshwater lake in Nepal. Rara is a lake with magnificent beauty that no other lake can compete. The lake exhibits 3 different colors in a day. The colors change from the sunrise till sunset, and the reason behind it is not known. The sparkling waters of the lake are crystal clear, which produces the perfect reflection of the hills around the lake.

Kayaking in Mugu Karnali

For kayaking lovers, Mugu Karnali will be the best kayaking trail. River with Crystal clear water with deep blue color can attract any sportsman. For kayaking, the water streams of Mugu Karnali will be the best to paddle for the kayakers. Taking you with the highest flow of water kayaking in Karnali is the dream river for many kayaking lovers.

Hiking around the villages

Home to the deepest freshwater lake, it is alone enough to describe the natural beauty of the place. But, if you want a deeper look into the place, you always have an option of hiking to hilltop villages like Riusa, Mooh, Mangri, Serog, Dawar. Enjoy the cultural blend of the place and make memories for a lifetime. Hike to the nearby hills to see the jaw-dropping view of mountains like Koiji Himal, valley, and vast forest of the district. Try the local cuisine like Marsi Rice, Legumes, Potato Curry, Millet, Buckwheat, Proso Millet.

Murma viewpoint

There is a lovely hike to Murma Top, a viewpoint that allows you to see the whole lake and surrounding area, and the mountain peaks in the distance. There are some villages around the lake, but none at the water's edge. Practice your photography here. Local people are very friendly and pleased to have their pictures taken. A promise mugu will make you agree with the saying "Heaven is a myth, Nepal is real."

Rara National Park

For the Biology students and the other travelers, Mugu is one of the best platforms to utilize their knowledge. Mugu can be taken as an open organic laboratory for the researchers. Sharpen your knowledge by visiting the famous Rara National Park. Rara National Park is a protected area in the Himalayas of Nepal and was established in 1976. Covering an area of 106 km2 (41 sq mi) in the Mugu and Jumla districts, it is the country's smallest national park. It offers a wide range of species that will leave you with curiosity and wandering about wildlife.



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