Top 10 best travel shows and documentaries to watch in Netflix

26, Feb 2021 |

While the lockdown is loosen up, stay home until vaccinated and watch these 10 best travel shows and documentaries in Netflix

Yunish Dahal

Netflix is taking the digital movie/series viewing experience by storm in recent years. It has been producing way better content than the regular TVs. The production, content and quality in many of their shows are pushing edges for entertainment. While the lockdown is loosen up, stay home until vaccinated and watch these 10 best travel shows in Netflix: 

Tales by light

IMDb: 8.3/10

Tales By Light isn’t your average travel show per se. The 18 episodes in 3 seasons focus on great travel photographers and how they operate around the world.

Photographers and filmmakers travel the world capturing indelible images of people, places, creatures and cultures from new, previously unseen angles. The best ones in the business, these photographers have devoted their life to find the absolute best shot. The show moves on to show the process of creativity in each episode with different subjects. Variety of subjects are covered over three seasons of breathtaking episodes and crazy escapades

Dark Tourist

IMDb: 7.6/10

As suggested in the name, the host David Farrier rolls through a few dark sides of the world. Most of the culture and tradition are weird or “different” to learn for the first time. One episode is literally about  the cleaning of a mummified corpse in Indonesia.
Cults, rituals, gangs, warzones, crime scenes, and ancient ruins, this series will show a whole new side of tourism, where the darkest sides of humanity are shown all around the world. If you are really into exploring new rather than just sceneries, this is the best series for you.

The Kindness Diaries


 IMDb: 8.2/10

If you are in dire need of an inspiring travel series right now, The Kindness Diaries is the perfect one to go as it provides a  warm fuzzy feeling you crave. This docu-series features host Leon Logothetis, as he travels the world with only an old motorbike and the kindness of strangers on the way.

The show shines in its ability to connect to the people and at the same time provides a common thread of humanity through travel. At the very least, the show has been able to show in its 10 episode in  1 season series that travel is never as expensive as you think it’s going to be.

Night on Earth

 IMDb: 8.2/10

This Netflix’s nocturnal nature documentary is built like a dispatch from another planet. For a show set primarily after sunset, there’s also a staggering amount of visual expression making the show visually mesmerizing. 

It is a peaceful experience to go through 6 episodes of just tracking all the living things on jungle floors that glow in all forms of neon. Shows like Night On Earth offer a glimpse into the wider world. These are the shows that lay a foundation of wanderlust and passion in our young souls and inspires to seek these places out.

Our Planet

IMDb: 9.3/10

Our Planet is Netflix’s very own Planet Earth. The eight-part series combines spectacular photography of planet Earth with an unprecedented look at the planet's remaining wilderness areas and their animal inhabitants. The show is beautiful but also uncomfortable to watch as it forces you to acknowledge the decline of nature. No doubt the show is rated 9.3 out of 10 by IMDb.

Sir David Attenborough has narrated this beautiful series. Though this list is about the travel series and documentaries, the series is worth giving it a go. If this series doesn’t get you itching to see new places on our planet, nothing will.

Street Food

IMDb: 8/10

What better way to enjoy travel than exploring the food? The creators of Chef's Table, returned with 15 episodes for 2 seasons in the new mouth-watering documentary series that celebrates the local street food in Thailand, India, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, and Central and South America. 

The series does its job best in telling the stories of those vendors and highlighting the food they make. Unlike other food shows, Street Food spends each episode highlighting the personal connection between the meals and the local cooks. Close the curtains, raise the sounds and then pretend you can smell all the smells, the show is peculiar.  

Down to Earth with Zac Efron

IMDb: 8.1/10

This show was the sleeper hit of the travel TV world in 2020.The show is just a season long with 8 episodes which gives an insight viewing of the world through Zac Efron with wellness expert Darin Olien to highlight sustainable ways of living. Efron’s always wide open eyes and excitement to be seeing the world and trying on new ideas while also making an effort to step out of the comfort zone are made for TV expressions.

By shining a light on solutions to problems rather than the problems themselves, this docu-series has an overall positive message.

Larry Charles’ Dangerous World Of Comedy

 IMDb: 7.3/10

Acclaimed TV and film comedy director, Larry Charles, travels the world to find out how comedy is done in war zones, on Indian reservations, in theocracies, slums, and beyond. 
It's like travelling to an average destination with a funny group of friends. 

It's a behind-the-scenes look at TV comedy around and a subversive travelogue with a keen eye on finding the grey areas of life and comedy in places few dare to travel. Plus, it’s only 4, 1 hour episodes, making it easy to binge.

Pedal The World

IMDb: 8.1/10

What’s more intense than spending an entire year cycling across 22 different countries and filming yourself while doing it? German traveller Felix Starck’s self-produced documentary of his cycling journey over 20,000 kms to find meaning in life really resonated with many. 

The 13 episode show is a great attempt to try to show what it’s like to pedal a bicycle thousands of kilometers through multiple countries in just a single year. He leverages on the power of social media and parental support to overcome obstacles. The show will have you itching to try something similar.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

IMDb: 6.2/10

Have you ever travelled with just your dad? If not, there is a show to inspire you. Comedian Jake Whitehall and his father, Michael, travel around on unlikely adventures that force them both out of their comfort zones. 
The two set off on a journey across South East Asia to partake in a series of adventures with two very different perspectives. The difference in tastes becomes visible and causes some interesting and often funny disagreements. We probably can relate to every bit that Jack goes through as he criss-crosses traffic in some of the world’s most populated countries.


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