Tips For a Perfect Ski Trip

18, Jan 2023 |

If you are a thrill seeker, your dream of skiing in our magnificent mountains with safety and ease could materialise soon.

Nepal is on the way to being the skiing hub in the world. With the majestic snow capped mountains and some research, nothing can stop Nepal from being the ultimate ski destination. Well, following tips and suggestions may make your ski trip safer and more memorable:

-Skis and boots rightfully take centre stage when it comes to gearing up for ski tours, but don’t forget about the supporting equipment: packs, and poles designed specifically for going up-hill. Choose the right skiing gears that keep you safe, enhance performance, and shed weight so that you enjoy the ups as much as the downs of ski touring. You can bring your own gear or you can rent it. 

-Staying hydrated is often the key to a long day of skiing up in the mountains. Make sure to consider the altitude when planning how much water to bring because our bodies dehydrate more quickly at higher elevations and require a large volume of water during strenuous activities. 

-A good rule of thumb is to drink a half-litre of liquid per hour of moderate ski touring. If you plan to be out longer than 90 minutes, consider adding electrolytes to your water to replenish those you sweat out.

-Everybody has different needs when they exercise. So, the exact amount of water needed during a ski tour may vary. But it’s better to bring a little more water than you need because the last thing you want is to be halfway up the trail and realise you are out of water.

With all the gears required for skiing, it’s important to bring snacks that are small and lightweight but packed with nutrients, such as protein bars, to keep you energised all day. 

-If you’re only going out for a quick ski tour, fuelling before you go and hydrating properly during the tour may suffice. But if you’re planning on skiing uphill for more than 90 minutes, food is essential to keep your body functioning at its best.

-It’s recommended that you consume about 150 calories per hour. Focus on eating small snacks throughout a longer tour to keep your energy levels balanced, and save heartier foods, like sandwiches, for the top of your ascent to help your body process nutrients better.

Have a safe and joyous ski!

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

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