Tips and Suggestions for an Enjoyable Picnic

14, Dec 2022 |

With the arrival of winter, the picnic season has come knocking at our doors.

After getting busy for the whole week, it feels like we are stuck in the rut, with the same old boring routine. Who doesn’t want to spend some time unwinding with their family and friends? We all yearn for it. With the arrival of winter, the picnic season has come knocking at our doors. This season is one of the best times for exploring and engaging in fun activities with your folks. As the temperature is mild, you might have the temptation to plan for a picnic. We say you just do it! Relaxing, having a campfire, sunbathing, or playing outdoor games with your family and friends would be a fantastic experience, if you are dreaming of picnic activities that go beyond laying on the grass. 

Whether you are on a bank of the river or at the park, a picnic can truly be one of the most delightful ways to spend some quality time with family and friends. But what exactly do you need to plan the picnic right? To ensure that you are well prepared for your picnic, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everything you will be needing. 

  1. Pick the right place for your picnic: Getting the destination right for the picnic is one of the most important things to do. It is absolutely necessary to choose the right place or it could ruin everything. So, choose a nearby place, which is in the periphery of 20 km to 30 km with plenty of spaces for games
  2. Carry a hot case, and a portable oven or gas stove: Due to the chilly weather, the prepared snacks or meals can get cold quickly, which might make it not-so-tasty. It is highly recommended that you carry the prepared food in an air-tight hot case and warm it in a portable oven or gas stove.   
  3. Carry a mini-first aid kit and your personal care products like moisturizer, sunblock, lip balm, soap, sanitizers, tissue, toilet paper, etc. 
  4. Bring games to play to share some memorable moments together: Games are a great way to make your picnic fun. You can pile up some board games, like chess, ludo, card games, truth or dare, and more, or outdoor sports like badminton, soccer, etc., which will make it more enjoyable to pass time in your picnic. You can also take pictures with your family and friends as well as of nature and the surroundings.  
  5. When you are planning for a picnic, think about where you’re going, what kind of place it is, how distant it is, and whether it has access to the mobile network or not. Taking a map of the area or downloading mapping apps may be beneficial and removes the probability of getting lost. 
  6. If you can play the guitar or some other musical instruments, carry it with you. Singing to the instrument would be loads of fun and others can join in or just enjoy it as the audience. 
  7. If you are going near the forest area or to any river site, carry a swimming costume with a pair of comfortable hiking shoes.
  8. As winter approaches, it may be important to bring a muffler, scarf, shawl, or ear warmer to the picnic. 
  9. Last but not the least, the waste should be dumped in the trash. If a trashcan is not available (which usually is the case), we recommend that you bring trash bags with you. 

(Photo Credit: The Guardain, Mindful Cupid)

Penned By: Utsav Pun

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