The One-of-a-Kind Flag of Nepal: Our Unique Identity, Originality, and Rich History

The flag of Nepal is the only flag in the world that is not rectangle or square but triangular.

17, Mar 2023 |

The crimson red in the flag of Nepal represents the colour of the national flower rhododendron, whereas border blue represents peace and harmony and white represents the neutrality of the moon and the sun.

The flag is a symbol of a country. It represents nationality, solidarity, and pride. Except for the flag of Nepal, almost all other flags in the world are rectangular or square. Nepal’s flag has a distinct look, with two single pennons. Nepal’s national flag is the only non-quadrilateral national flag in the world, serving as both the state flag and the civic flag of the sovereign nation.

                                                                                                                                Flag of Nepal (1930 to 1962)

The crimson red on Nepal’s national flag reflects both bravery and the colour of the country’s national flower, the rhododendron. Whereas the blue in the flag’s border depicts peace. Each pennon displays the sun and the crescent Moon in white. The upper pennon features a crescent Moon, while the bottom pennon has the Sun.

Here are few other facts about the flag of Nepal:

Adaptation of Flag

Originally, the flag of Nepal had human faces inside the sun and moon. The government of Nepal later removed it in 1962. There are no human faces on the current flag, and it was accepted by the government of Nepal on December 16, 1962 A.D.

                                                                                                    Flag of Nepal (1927) 

The Sun and the Moon

The Nepalese flag is formed by two triangles. The upper triangle contains equal moons with 8 pointed rays. The moon represents Nepalese people’s peacefulness, as well as shade and calm weather in the mountains of Nepal. The bottom triangle has a sun with 12 pointed rays, representing the heat and higher temperatures on the low regions of Nepal.

                                                                                                            Flag used in Nepal-Tibet War, Nepal-British War and both World Wars  

Longevity of the nation

It is believed that the heavenly bodies, the sun and the moon in the flag, represent that Nepal will last as long as the sun and moon exist in the sky. 

                                                                                                                                Flag of Nepal (1865 to 1930) 


Nobody knows who created the Nepali flag. Some believe it was created by Malla Kings, some say it was created by Ranas, and others say it was created by Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah, but on one knows for sure.

Why not another shaped flag?

Nepal was never colonised by any European country. The rectangular flag trend is mostly driven by European nations. Almost every contemporary country was later inspired by this while designing their modernised flags. But, Nepal continues to have and flaunt the original. 

                                                                                                    Flag of Nepal (19th Century) 

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