The Hibachi Place: A Pioneer of Teppanyaki

1, Mar 2023 |

Excelling in every way, The Hibachi Place is a rising force in Kathmandu’s culinary scene.

A lot goes into taste. There’s the smell, presentation, and the food itself. To make your meal even more appetising, the chef at The Hibachi Place does theatrics with the food while cooking it right in front of you. It can feel like a sorcerer working magic on the food. The Hibachi Place is not your ordinary restaurant. It is a complete package. It is a preferred venue for conferences, anniversaries, and birthday parties, and a favourite hangout spot of many. The food here is addictive and will lure you to it for more.    

Located at Lazimpat, The Hibachi Place offers authentic Japanese cuisine. It has introduced the Tappenyaki concept of the Japanese culinary tradition to Nepal. The food is cooked right in front of the customers on a large table with a grill. The chef also entertains the customers with his skills and theatrics with utensils and food. So, it is a combination of food and entertainment

But it doesn’t mean it doesn't serve other dishes. It is a multi cuisine restaurant that serves delicious Nepali, Italian, and Indian cuisines too. In Nepali, it has choila and other local dishes. In Italian, it has pizza, pasta and more. It is more popular for its authentic Hibachi. 

They have created a more relaxed ambience on the outside. Every Friday, it has live music. It has more of the concept of a Beer Garden. It is a space to chill. It even has a conference room. It has a seating capacity of a hundred people at any given time. It allows them to take bookings of big events. Even corporate events are held here. The Hibachi Place is for everyone from kids to old people. It is also for family events and friends’ get-togethers. 

Some of the entrepreneurs of this restaurant had returned from America to do something here in Nepal itself. They used to hangout a lot at a Hibachi restaurant there. So, they wanted to open up a restaurant. So, they wondered what type of restaurant it should be. Well, they wanted it to be something new in the market. At that time, there was no Hibachi in Nepal. So, they opened up this restaurant to introduce the Tappenyaki concept in Nepal.  

It has adequate parking spaces for both two wheelers and four wheelers. It even has a small garden. You can relax there with friends sipping coffee or smoking some hookah. It has a signature hookah. There’s a section of the restaurant that is dedicated to fine dining. 

For Hibachi, it is recommended that you have a day’s prior booking. It takes time to prepare. The restaurant has four packages. There’s a seven course set menu. It starts with soup and sushi. Then, it has your choice of protein- chicken, pork, shrimp. Then, it has egg fried rice. At the end, there’s the dessert. It is a one hour session. At that time, they focus only on you for Hibachi. That’s why it requires prior booking. There’s even a couple package. The Hibachi can accommodate up to fourteen people depending upon your choice of package.        


We had sushi as the appetiser. It can be had as an appetiser or an entree too. The sushi we had is called Rainbow Roll as it has colourful decorations. The fillings are cucumber, sweet radish, shrimp and crab sticks. On the outside, the sushi has papaya, salmon, tuna, and avocado. The green and orange coloured dressings are called Tanuki. It is made by deep frying. It also has Japanese mayonnaise. It is sweet and juicy. The aftertaste also leaves you salivating. The sushi rice itself is sweet. 


For entree, they served Pepperoni Pizza. It has mozzarella, pizza sauce, basil, pepperoni, and chilly flakes. The delicate combination of these different ingredients must be just right while making this pizza. It tastes a little sweet and spicy. Some add Tabasco sauce, black pepper or olive oil on top of it. 


Cheesecake was our dessert. It comes with dressings such as caramelised pieces of orange and slices of strawberry. It tastes creamy and, of course, sweet. It is gooey and melts right in your mouth. It has a soft but thick texture.


Something in Blue is their signature mocktail. It has soda, lime juice, and Blue Lagoon. It is a carbonated drink. It is sweet and sour at the same time. It can be called a “dessert mocktail”. Pina Colada is creamy, citric and sweet in texture. What they served us was Virgin Colada. It is made with coconut milk, pineapple juice, milk and sugar syrup. It is blended with ice. 

The food here is mouth-smackingly good. For Friday night chill out to Hibachi with family, this is the place to go!

Photos By Ayush Maharjan

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