The Comfort Experience You Want for a Saturday

1, May 2022 |

For people looking for a chill and decompressing experience from the gruelling work of the week, maybe Saturdaze is right up their alley

With most of our workweeks coming to crashing halts on Saturdays, it is no wonder that Saturdays are the day of rest and relaxation for most people, with many people crashing into their beds to rest and rejuvenate for the next gruelling week. But for people looking for a chill and decompressing experience from the gruelling work of the week, maybe Saturdaze is right up my alley.



Saturdaze is a special comfort program done by Hyatt Place from 12-4 pm for anyone looking for experience to help in unwinding and relaxing on Saturdays. One of the main areas that Saturdaze helps you in taking easy is the buffet experience known as The Lazy Brunch. With a specifically picked fusion of dishes and desserts, tuned to the comfort and convenience of customers. “Rather than making a unique and distinct palette for anyone to distinguish as, we make sure that fusion of food we lay for people to eat meld into a mellow and comfortable experience’ said the head chef, Rakesh Pandey.





The Lazy Brunch consists of a cold store, a buffet section and a dessert each filled with quality food for our stomachs to munch on. From green salads to live counters for delicious pasta for your choosing to delicious main courses dishes to delectable desserts waiting to melt in your mouths, the Lazy Brunch provides the perfect meal for anyone to relish and savour, it is the perfect dining experience for people to cool their jets off.



In addition, there is an art exhibition for skilled artists to express their artistry to people to look at and ponder. There is also a band playing some melodic and smooth jazz to inundate you into the atmosphere of the Saturdaze. In addition, there is also an art workshop for artists to draw and express themselves on the canvas board for the world to gaze upon and appreciate. And if you bring any kids, you can rest easy with the staff members entertaining the kids with various activities and making the kids section for children to play around and be happy.



And after 12-4 pm of Saturdaze, you can go to the swimming pool for quality time for the prize and then relax even further with a premium package Liquid Brunch with some whiskey and some fine drinks to comfort to wind down and relax as the sunsets. All in all, Saturdaze is the exact experience for people who need a comfortable experience to relax and rest during the weekend to rejuvenate their spirit and energy for the next day.

Text by: Samyak Dhar Tuladhar


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