The Brilliant Bliss of Breakfasts

Breakfasts in Kathmandu are a microcosm of everything that’s good with this world

13, Jan 2020 |

A hearty piquant breakfast is what we believe, the best way to get a jump-start on the day’s proceedings

Up and into their daily metiers before the break of dawn, finding yourself a denizen in the hustling and bustling metropolis that is Kathmandu can seem quite daunting at times; especially if you’re not a morning person! Getting up coffee in hand, ready for work would seem the logical route to take given the social inclinations from the western world we find ourselves following in today’s day and age. But that’s not how we Kathmanduites roll! A hearty piquant breakfast is what we believe, the best way to get a jumpstart on the day’s proceedings! And what better way to do so than indulge in the repertoire of luscious breakfast assortments Kathmandu valley has to offer!




Sweetness overload! A local take on the Jalebi-Phapdha from India, this delicacy will leave you wanting every meal to be breakfast! Sweet syrup modelled into an intricate design, deep-fried and wrapped in paper-thin flatbread that makes you feel oh so good! This traditional dish available in most sweet shops is the perfect way to give your mornings a perfect start!



Sel and Malpua


Pancakes are the staple breakfast choice of any working man! This go-to breakfast loved and adored by all is yet again given a bit of a Newari twist! A perfectly cooked Malpua, available at almost any newari-food stall, leaves you with the crispy goodness of its heavenly outer crust and the round, fluffy cloud-like lightness at its centre, topped off with the occasional fennel seed taste from within to present you authentic Kathmandu in a single dish! A couple of these goodies and you’re rearing off to a brighter, lighter day!


Sel Roti 


It seems that local flavours yet again trump bland-western breakfasts! Drawing similarity to a doughnut from its shape, Sel Roti is a staple breakfast in all Nepalese homes! Consumed during the month of November during the Festival of Tihar. Created from rice flour, ghee, milk and cardamom, these redolent round treats are best consumed hot! Crunchy goodness on the outside and bursting with sweetness in its core, access to this goodie is rather rare..............Just kidding available almost at any food stop in Kathmandu, Sel Roti leaves you with the everlasting impression of wanting more every time one consumes these round delights, so do consume in moderation! 


Round Bread (Gwaramari)

Round bread (Gwaramari)


Describing this dish in words simply does not do justice to this local authentic delight. Traditionally a newari dish, these golden nuggets top the list of any Kathmanduities breakfast need! A rather simple dish created by deep frying flour and baking powder and many more heavenly ingredients, the Gwaramari, deriving its name from the Newari words: “gwara” meaning round and “mari” meaning bread, leaves you enamoured by its sheer brilliance, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, these hot-treats inspire joy and awe in all of those who consume it making it a must-have for all those who have not tried this wholesome dish yet!


Puffino (Puff)

Puffino (Puff)


A wave of nostalgia hits any man in Kathmandu when taking a bit of these fluffy delights! A packeted breakfast available to purchase from any grocery store in Kathmandu, the puffino or rather commonly known as puff among the locals simply encapsulates all of our childhoods into one tasty treat. Dipping these delights into a morning drink of one’s choosing and simply enjoying Kathmandu mornings for what it presents, the puff is treat you should not miss out on

And finally the ultimate breakfast companion to pair with any of these aforementioned treats..........

Milk Tea

Milk tea in the making


A must-have with every breakfast a Nepali consumes, the milk tea is simply perfection on a cup. If not a standout presenting alone it surely is a catalyst to the elevated tastes of the Jeri-Swari, Malpua, Gwaramari or the puff , the milk tea paired with any local breakfast makes it more delightful makes it more Kathmandu!.



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