Thakali Delight by Vivanta: Weekend lunch for your family at an affordable price

If your family is tired of cooking on Saturdays and wants an affordable and delicious place for weekend lunch, Vivanta’s Thakali Delight is a must-try.

12, Aug 2022 |

A Saturday outing in a well-decorated fine dining restaurant, Thakali Delight is Vivanta’s unlimited buffet with a diverse choice that has something for everyone!

Vivanta’s ‘Thakali Delight’ is their attempt at making Nepali cuisine more riveting with an unlimited buffet that costs Rs 1000, which comes with Thakali as well as live counters, desserts and a special activity for kids, which ranges from face painting to iron man cosplay and changes every week. 


The live counter, too, is specifically made to cater to the children and is subject to change every week, making items like waffles, mac n cheese and other western alternatives. To this, Chef Mrityunjaya says, “Children do not want to eat rice and daal when they are out, but adults do, and we are trying to make this buffet favourable for everyone, which is why we are coming up with things like pizza, mac n cheese, waffles, ice cream.”

The essence of the buffet is the Nepali Thakali meal, but the part where Vivanta improvises is the desserts, the pickles, and the beverages. Everything apart from the main course makes the buffet more alluring than your usual Thakali restaurant meal. The main course is a bit more diverse regarding the options Vivanta offers in vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. You often do not have that many vegetarian options when you buy a non-vegetarian Thakali meal, and you do not have non-vegetarian options in veg meals. Vivanta, in its Thakali delight buffet, addresses those shortcomings with a diverse choice for guests to choose from at an affordable price. 

The buffet has rice categorised into Pulao and Plain. Options of Kwati, Kalo Jimbu Daal, Saag Jhaneko, Kauli ra Kerau, Mustang Aloo and Chyau are in the vegetarian main course. The chef uses local ingredients, which reflects in the delectable cuisine which tastes like home. 

Additionally, they have Apple Jalebi and Juju Dhau for dessert (apart from the side course option). The buffet also has golveda ko achar, aloo ko achar, gundruk ko chhop, masyaura ko achar and three other dry pickled options. 

The non-vegetarian Thakali thali here is a must-try for everyone who enjoys eating meat delicacies. The best bit of the non-vegetarian thali is the chicken curry, brimming with rich and creamy flavour. The lip-smacking fish curry, prepared with fresh onion, tomato, coconut, handpicked spices, and herbs, further elevates the non-vegetarian Thakali thali. The juicy and tender gravy of chicken and fish curry is an ideal accompaniment for rice and naan.

Apart from the meal and the side course, the chef has also incorporated Indian flavours to spice up the buffet in Cutting Chai! 

Thakali Delight has a wholesome range of meals, beverages and desserts for your entire family  

so if you haven't tried it yet, there is no better time than this Saturday!


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