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5, May 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

Setting the standard for Syrian cuisine, Taza and Taza Treats offer the best Middle-Eastern food in Kathmandu

You barely come across good restaurants that stray away from the convention of continental cuisine in Kathmandu. Taza and Taza Treats in Jhamsikhel serve Syrian dishes of the highest quality since its establishment in 2015. While Taza serves up Middle-Eastern meals to its customers, Taza Treats -its neighbour- is a bakery, exclusively serving Middle-Eastern inspired sweets and treats.


Leading up to the quaint location is a small stairway on the side of the building, and as you enter you are greeted by fragrant spices and warm smiles. The word that comes to mind when describing Taza is simplicity- not to be taken negatively, as within the simplicity of the location and ambience, you are able to fully appreciate the complex flavours that are presented to you on your platter.

As we waited for our meal to arrive, happy customers and families casually traipsed into the location and the hums of jovial conversations filled the air. The aroma of our dishes exuded into the atmosphere, leaving our palettes anticipating the flavours it promised.


The first meal we devoured was a Fried Chicken Roll with Cheese. While one might question the appeal behind such a straightforward title, I’d suggest that you keep an open mind and let the flavours do the talking. The pita bread melts into your mouth, letting the juicy chicken and cheese seep into your palette.


Fried Chicken Roll and Cheese

The next was the decadent Chicken Platter offering a variety of the most spectacular dishes, Shawarma, Kebabs, Sheesh Tawook and Toshka. As my eyes finally settled into the variety that was set before me, I was left with the dilemma of choosing where to start, so I let my colleague choose for me. I started with the Chicken Toshka. A breaded mix of minced chicken and cheese, it was so .Then I moved to the Chicken Shawarma Rolls, which, to my delight, was a creamy mix of tender meat and mellow gravy. As we moved throughout the platter, we tried the smoky Tawook and the juicy kebabs. As we ravished through the meal, we were complimented with a side of garlic and spicy garlic dip. The acidity and the smooth flavours of this dip added a sense of richness to our delectable meal.

Chicken Platter

The last dish we tried was the classic baklava. “Baklavas aren’t dessert, but they are more like a sweet”. True to this statement, while a dessert is a meal on its own, Baklava was a light sweet that I could munch on forever. The crushed nuts, paired with the sweet, crisp layers of pastry was a great end to our time at Taza.



Initially, the owners would travel and import ingredients all the way from Syria, however, as the process grew more convoluted, they began sourcing their products domestically. By utilising the best quality of products in Nepal, Taza serves up fresh and consistent flavours to their customers. 


Taza and Taza Treats in Jhamsikhel is not only a place for those with an epicurean palette, but also for adventurous eaters who would like to try something new!

The counter at Taza Treats

Text by Asmi Shrestha

Pictures by Riam Basnet

Contact details:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tazatreats/ and https://www.instagram.com/taza.nepal/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taza.treats and https://www.facebook.com/tazaitsfresh

Address: Lalitpur, Jawalakhel

Email: tazaitsfresh@gmail.com


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