Short trip to Dadeldhura

6, Jan 2021 |

This small town in the heart of Far West Nepal spread in the area of 1,300 meters is full of colorful houses with varied sizes that gives it a fascinating colorful view.


Dadeldhura is a beautiful small town situated in the mid-hills of the Far West. Being around 750 kilometers away from Kathmandu and around 120 kilometers away from Dhangadhi Airport, taking a flight to Dhangadhi Airport from Kathmandu and then taking a mini-bus from Dhangadhi would be the best alternative to reach there, the mini-bus will get you there within 4-5 hours. You can also take a direct bus to Dadeldhura from Kathmandu, which will take around 16-18 hours of long drive to reach.

Once you reach the bus stop, you will be amazed by the remarkable view of Western Himalayas. You will be provided with a number of Guest houses and top class hotels to choose from at a very reasonable price to spend some beautiful time in peace. In the morning you’ll be supposed to wake up before the sunrise and reserve a spot in the terrace, when the sun rises in the east and the Giant Himalayas gets more and more visible due to the direct sunlight upon them, the moment gets created where you just take a deep breath and let it all go.


Khodpe Bazar

And if that’s not enough and you desire of getting closer and closer to the spectacular peaks of the Western Himalayas, you can take a 1 hour bus trip to Khodpe Bazar. It is a small market by the highway side surrounded by beautiful hills and eye catching sceneries.You can even find some nice trekking trials around the place and even more spots to enjoy the view.

Khodpe Bazar

Ajaymerukot Valley

Ajaymerukot Valley would be another must visit place if you’re a hiking enthusiast. It is a ‘mystical place’ according to the locals. With a small bag pack containing some snacks and a water bottle, you’re all ready to start your trekking trial. Natural beauty will surround you for the next couple of hours. Crossing over the suspension bridge down in the valley will let your heart beat higher and will lead you to a small settlement in Ajaymerukot.

Getting There

Though Dadeldhura doesn’t have any airfield of it’s own, Dhandagadhi and Baitadi airports lies pretty close to it. You can take a flight to Dhangadhi Airport and then take a mini-bus which will take approximately 4-5 hours to reach. You can also take a direct bus from Kathmandu to Dadeldhura but it will take around 16-18 hours of long journey by bus.


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