Shahid Diwas In Nepal

30, Jan 2020 |

A day in honour of the fallen heroes of Nepal

Martyr’s Day in Nepal is commonly known as ‘Shahid Diwas’. The day where the citizens of the country honor the fallen heroes of the Nation. It falls on Magh 16 (January 30, 2020) or more commonly in late January or early February. In every Government office throughout the country, people observe a moment of silence in the morning. Various programs are organised to commemorate the martyrs on this day.

Statues of the four martyrs

This day is specially celebrated in the memory of four martyrs: Shukrataj Shastri, Dharma Bhakta Mathema, Dashrath Chand and Ganga Lal Shrestha, who fought for the freedom of people against the Rana Regime

 Shahid Gate, Kathmandu

Even though not well known as the above four martyrs, Lakhan Thapa Magar was a Nepali revolutionary whom Nepal government has declared ‘The First Martyr of Nepal’. He was the first revolutionary leader who, for the first time in history, resisted the government in Nepal namely: the rule of the Rana dynasty 1846 - 1950.

A man commemorating the martyrs

On this day we honor the bravery of many known and unknown patriots who died fighting for the rights of the citizen.



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