Salon de Kathmandu: ‘An Oasis in the Busy City’

6, Jan 2022 |

Salon de Kathmandu is the perfect mix of warm reception and beautiful environment anyone could ask for

Tucked away in the narrow streets of Lazimpat, is a relaxing home-away-from-home experience in Salon de Kathmandu. With spacious outdoors yet with an intimate sense of camaraderie with the staff and delectable food, Salon de Kathmandu shows a place to relax and rest, alone or with company. “Salon actually means ‘rest’ in French as salons were meant to be places to relax in classical France." says Karan Khadka, the Manager of the restaurant. "It is actually funny and I am grateful that you did your research as many people and even interviewers who have contacted us have asked where the barbershop is.”

With a separate bar, café and spacious outdoor seating in the lush garden area, it feels like a place to loosen up and recline back into your seat. Just taking in the ambience and stillness of the environment is a breath of fresh air. While the environment provides a place to ease up, it is juxtaposed perfectly with the traditional designs and the plethora of homemade menus. In addition, the heartwarming reception and the hospitality certainly justifies the ‘Bistro’ tag in its name. Making the perfect combination of relaxation and warm reception, Salon de Kathmandu is one of the few places to give customers the best of both worlds.

Starting off to warm up is the Winter Special’s Ultimate Chocolate. This drink is a balance of  dark chocolate and is complemented with the sugary sweetness of the marshmallow. The perfect mix of bitter and sweet to mellow your taste buds. A perfect way to begin your meal.

Then onwards to the Bistro’s signature appetiser, the Fried Snack Platter, also their fourth Anniversary Special. This starter packs a punch in both the quality and quantity department. The Chicken Teriyaki, Sausage Cheese Roll and Chicken Cheese Roll all come together into a harmonious combination, no wonder it is one of their best sellers. 

In addition to the Fried Snack Platter, another one of their fourth Anniversary Special dishes is the Spicy Chicken Bowl; a serving of Jasmine Rice, Fried Chicken and Fried Egg along with a mix of salad of various lentils. The sticky rice goes perfectly with the Spicy Chicken, the Fried egg. The salad with oriental dressing provides the perfect respite from the hot and spicy chicken, making it a favourite for this cold season or any season, actually.

The season calls for Homemade Churros! It is a cylindrical dessert with the goodness of cinnamon and powdered sugar on the outside to tickle your tastebuds. In addition, its porous nature makes the chocolate dip a match in heaven. As the chocolate dip just seeps into the Churros and makes it even more delicious, a perfect dessert to wrap up your experience here.

"In my personal opinion, the feeling we strive for every customer at Salon de Kathmandu is one for longing. For one to come back and back for the 'Salon de Kathmandu' experience." says Khadka. It is the perfect place for people to come and have their own comfort zone, alone or in company. In the end, the banner on the restaurant’s website sums it up the best. It is “An Oasis in the Busy City”.

Text and photos: Samyak Dhar Tuladhar


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