Reena Sherchan: Women in Leadership

12, Mar 2023 |

We sit down with Reena Sherchan during this year International Women’s Day Celebration, she talks about her experiences both personal and professional and sees the growing opportunities for women, especially in the hospitality sector

Reena Sherchan is currently heading sales and marketing of Sherpa Hospitality Group which manages 16 hotels in various parts of Nepal. 

She has over 17 years of international and local experience at various renowned brands. Her career path has been unique and has already been part of 2 successful pre-openings of Marriott hotels including the first Marriott international brand here in Nepal. 

During her tenure, as a leadership team she has faced many first-time unprecedented challenges such as Earthquake 2015, Border blockade 2015. Covid-19 pandemic, and Nationwide Lockdown 2020-2021. Over the years she has held a variety of working experiences in various departments of hotels such as F&B, front office, reservation, events, and sales and marketing. 

She graduated with an MBA degree from Northampton University, United Kingdom. 

How do you describe yourself?

I am a hardworking, passionate and dedicated person when it comes to my professional life. In general, I love to see individuals advance in their professional and personal lives. So, I do my best to help others in achieving these goals. 

How and why did you choose a career in the hospitality sector?

Whilst studying in London, I realized there weren’t many job opportunities in London for international students after graduation. During that time, hotel jobs were considered skilled jobs. So, I enrolled in hotel management as there was a chance of getting a job after college. But, honestly, I didn't know that there were vast employment opportunities in the hotel industry before enrolling. I'm quite happy that I chose to study hotel management. 

What are your interests and hobbies?

I enjoy travelling, and fortunately my job allows me to do so as well. It's incredibly lucky when your career and passion align. I recently learned about yoga and meditation and I am trying to make this my daily habit. 

What is the Sherpa Hospitality Group from your viewpoint?

Sherpa Hospitality Group is a hotel management company which operates our own existing lodges: Hokke Lumbini, Kasara Chitwan, Mountain Lodges of Nepal, and Shinta Mani Mustang - A Bensley Collection. These are the family-owned collection of 16 premium lodges and resorts in various parts of Nepal.

Despite the fact that our hotels were well-known and had been offering services for over 30 years, we are currently going through a significant rebranding. We are also building and opening new luxury hotels.

We are also really excited to introduce the highly anticipated Shinta Mani Mustang - A Bensley Collection, in August 2023, which we believe, will truly establish Nepal as a premium tourism destination on the global stage 

As travel resumes, we anticipate exciting times ahead for Nepal as a destination.

Did you always want to be in this field? Any ups and downs?

When we were kids, there were only a few big hotels and even fewer hotel management schools. There was no awareness of the career scope. So, I had no plan of pursuing a career in the hospitality industry. But like I said circumstances changed when I was studying in London and I enrolled in this program. 

Yes, there have been plenty of ups and downs. 

My career began in London. After ten years, it seemed like I was starting all over again when I came back home. It was challenging at first but I was adaptable and open-minded. Having experience of working in international chain hotels abroad was a huge advantage for me. 

During my tenure, as the leading team, we have faced many first-time unprecedented challenges such as Earthquake 2015, Border blockade 2015. Covid-19 pandemic, Nationwide Lockdown 2020-2021. Despite all of these, I've managed to have a good career. My career has been steadily progressing. I am very happy that currently I am leading one of Nepal’s reputed company's sales and marketing departments.


What makes a good leader?

A good leader needs many positive traits and abilities. They have to be visionary, risk-takers, calculative, and decisive and need to lead by example. In addition to many other attributes, I value collaborative and innovative leaders.

Also, with experience, I learned that great leaders require a lot of courage, patience, strength, and the ability to remain focused even in the face of uncertainty. They should be able to unlearn, relearn and adapt. Nelson Mandela once said, "The greatest glory in living resides not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." I really like that.

What advice would you give to young women entering this profession?

The hospitality industry is expanding globally and in Nepal as well. 

I think, in the past, there were many barriers for women in Nepal because very few people were aware of the hotel sector and many had a bad impression of it. However, I believe such times are behind us as we can find so many hospitality institutions and so many women professionals engaged in them.

The hospitality industry is not a gender-specific profession. But it operates 24 hours, so be prepared to work irregular hours. I am really glad to see many younger generations entering this industry. We need to be aware that there are ample job opportunities available in a hotel as it is operated by many departments such as kitchen, restaurant, bar, engineering, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, cleaning, security, and IT. Currently, there is a huge rise in new hotel openings including international brands which will create more opportunities for everyone and including for women too.  

What suggestions do you have for someone stepping into a leadership position for the first time?

Not all of us are born leaders, it is a skill that can be developed. We need to be aware that opportunities don't always come. So, when you get the chance, give your 100 percent. With leadership comes power, and some people have a tendency to use it negatively. Take time to reflect on yourself and strive to become your best version.

As humans, we all make mistakes, and being a leader doesn't mean that you won't either. At such times, accept responsibility for your errors, take the time to learn from them, and most importantly, do not repeat it. Any new role is going to be challenging in the beginning but don’t give up. Trust me, every human has immense potential to soar high.

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