Preview of The Nanee Bhaktapur

It is an oasis of culture and tradition in the hustle and bustle of Bhaktapur

18, Dec 2022 |

The Nanee Bhaktapur is not a hotel. It is a showcase of the Newari culture mixed with modernization.

The Nanee Bhaktapur is a beautiful and tranquil boutique located in the eastern side of Kathmandu valley in Bhaktapur. It is a traditional building with modern touches that can accommodate and provide facilities to its guests, like it is a home away from their home. Therefore, the owner doesn’t want people to call it a hotel because it not just serves lodging and fooding, but serves the Newari culture as well.

“Nanee” is a Newari word that actually means a courtyard or a chowk. The property owns a small yet beautiful courtyard in the middle of the building. The place is built to give Newari cultural vibes in the hustle and bustle of Nepal’s oldest city, Bhaktapur.

The place is very well built with 18 rooms, which have been divided into three categories:  Nepali Suite Room, Skygarden or Loft Room and Standard Room. They have beautiful handmade artefacts and paintings in all the rooms, corridors, and common spaces.

The major three artefacts of The Nanee Bhaktapur are Compass Mandala, Endless Knot and the Element. All of these three and other artefact details are made and curated by Manish Lal Shrestha. He has delivered an innovative approach in decorating the whole place with showpieces, which carry their own religious meanings. The artefacts there showcase human lifelines, good vibes, and religious beliefs.

                                                              (The Compass Mandala)

                                                            (The Endless Knot) 

                                                           (The Element)

The place has three food outlets that serve food emphasising the local ingredients. They call their dining area, “The Community”.  The food curator Susan Karmacharya says, “Newari food is already very famous, but we want to give local touches to the food we serve.” The curator along with the Chef Pustam Giri serve different dishes putting in a lot of effort and adding personal touches of locally available ingredients to the food at The Nanee Bhaktapur.

The place also has an amphitheatre, where they showcase different exhibitions and storytelling once in a while.

The Nanee Bhaktapur is a perfect place for family vacation, get-togethers with friends, an ideal opportunity to roam around in Bhaktapur, enjoy lavish food, and soak in the beauty of their traditional rooms with modern amenities. The place can serve individuals as well as large groups.

Hence, The Nanee Bhaktapur is a cultural oasis that makes you feel at home, even if you are not. You are served the Newari culture with love and respect. The place is not fully commercialised yet. Thus, this is only a short preview from the Nepal Traveller. 

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

Photos By: Sankalpa Nakarmi

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