Picnic Getaways at the Outskirts of Kathmandu

17, Jan 2023 | nepaltraveller.com

Picnics are a wonderful opportunity for rekindling affections and building relationships with one another while being in nature

One of the most fun activities we all enjoy is going on a picnic. Everyone, whether young or old, enjoys a picnic. It gives our lives some refreshment and serves as a diversion from our daily routine. In essence, a picnic is a good way to renew our relationships and bring joy to our lives. Picnic also seems to bring out the best in people.

Picnic allows us to relax both physically and mentally as we get an opportunity to express ourselves, unwind, and relax. Additionally, picnics allow us to engage in physical activity. Our bodies benefit from the walks and games, which also increase our stamina. Overall, picnics are a wonderful opportunity for rekindling affections and building relationships with one another. Picnic maintains the warmth and love that can sometimes fade in our daily lives.

You all would undoubtedly enjoy having a picnic in a beautiful location. You will have a good time if you are around the right people. While in Kathmandu, there are a lot of locations that are suitable for picnics. Here are a few of the top spots for picnics in and around Kathmandu Valley where you may relax and create lifelong memories.


Kailashnath Mahadev Statue

The second- tallest Shiva statue in the entire world is Kailashnath Mahadev Statue. It currently ranks as the fifth-tallest statue of a Hindu deity. About 20 kilometres from Kathmandu, it is located in Nepal’s Sanga, Kavrepalanchok District. Religious pilgrims come here to pray. But, this place is famous for picnics also. This location is frequently crowded with people because this time of year is perfect for picnics. You can enjoy your picnic and the surroundings. By taking a regular public bus from Koteshwor to Kailashnath Mahadev Statue, or by driving or riding in your own vehicle, anyone can reach there with ease.


Tribhuwan park

Tribhuwan Park is a picnic area in the Thankot area. It takes about 15 minutes’ drive from Kakani to get there. There are people who wish to spend their leisure time visiting the park and having a picnic there. It is advantageous that this park is close to the highway. Tribhuwan Park is regarded as the nation’s premier picnic and vacation spot for visitors from within the country. Nepalese must pay Rs. 30 per person to enter the park, compared to Rs. 20 for students, and Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 to reserve a picnic location. The main activities famous among the locals are group picnics, movie shoots, and early-morning and late-night strolls. It is also easy to find lodging in Thankot or Kakani areas. So, people don’t have to think much for a stay. This place is famous among teenagers and couples looking for a place to hang out as this place is known for its greenery.


Jarsing Pauwa

Jarsing Pauwa, one of the emerging tourist destinations around Kathmandu valley, is famous among young people and college students and is commonly known as Lapsiphedi. This place is renowned for picnics, Tea Garden or Mini Ilam, and the green lush environment. Anyone visiting Jarsing Pauwa gets a breathtaking view of the Himalayan ranges of Ganesh, Langtang, Lakpa Dorje, Gauri Shankar, and several smaller peaks can also be seen from this location. Also, you can travel by car or by foot from Jarsing Pauwa to Nagarkot for lodging and stay a day there as well. It takes an hour to get to the Lapsiphedi, which is around 25.1 kilometres from Kathmandu. Paragliidng, cycling, hiking, visiting trout farms, and bird and mountain watching are famous activities to do in this area.



One of the best places to explore while being in Kathmandu is Sundarijal, where you can enjoy nature. It’s easily accessible and ideal for a day trip. The name of the waterfall itself defines the beauty. Sundarijal means beautiful water. Even by using public transportation from Ratnapark, you can get to the Sundarijal in around 45 minutes. Rs. 100 is the entrance charge for the Nepalese. The Sundarijal region is a great place for riding, swimming, hiking and picnicking. Hotels in the area of Sundarijal are accessible for lodging. It’s a worthwhile place to unwind and get back in touch with nature, and it makes a great picnic spot.



Dhulikhel is the perfect destination for picnickers who want to get away from the city’s bustle and spend time with their loved ones. From Davistan, Dhulikhel, you can take in the lush grasslands, the mountains, and the hills. From the base of the ridge, an incredible view of peaks can be seen which stretches from Numbur in the east, over Dorje Lakpa to Gauri Shankar and neighbouring Melungtse, and as far west as Langtang Lirung. Public transportation can be taken from Koteshwor to Dhulikhel in around 1.5 to 2 hours. The famous activities in and near Dhulikhel includes hiking, mountain sightseeing, bungee jumping, ziplining, white water rafting, and picnics. Both luxurious and inexpensive hotels and resorts are readily available for staying.

Chovar, Lakuri Bhajyang, Nagarkot, Kulekhani, Ghyampe Danda, Dolalghat, Kakani, Switzerland Park, Godawari (Botanical Garden), and many other locations are well-known including the places mentioned above. Anyone can travel to their selected location with ease and enjoy the picnic with their loved ones.


Compiled By: Nikita Gautam

photo credit: KTM Guide, Vivaan AdventureMason Dahl,  Josue Michel

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