Pancham Lama: A Grand Inspiration

17, Mar 2023 |

As its leader, he leaves no stone unturned to deliver a great experience at the Pokhara Grande. Good is never enough until it is the best.

Pancham Lama is a “happy go lucky person” as he describes himself. However, success hasn’t come knocking at the door despite his luck.  As a self-made man, he reminisces about his years of struggle. As the General Manager of Pokhara Grande, everyday is an adventure for him and he will not rest until he has given his best. He is quite upbeat in the face of challenges as he loves solving them.

Having reached the height of success in Nepal’s hospitality sector, he is humble and down-to-earth as we chatted with him. His motto is simple, “Do good and be good.” This philosophy of life is one of the factors that, he believes, has propelled him to the very top. Despite his phenomenal success, he believes his true success is yet to come. He aims to reach greater heights. He wants to do more. 

He is inspirational in every sense. Leading a five star facility is a huge responsibility and he feels blessed to have received this opportunity. He wants to treat his guests with only “the best of the best services”. He feels joyful at work and wants that joy to colour his life. He is not just successful but also a great human being. He works with a burst of energy and an unwavering dedication to excellence in hospitality.

What inspires you to work so hard?

I have devoted my life to the hospitality sector over the last two decades. Reaching this pinnacle, the trust, the belief and the responsibilities automatically inspire me to work hard and fulfil my commitments.

What sets your hotel apart?

Our name, Pokhara Grande, itself defines our characteristics. We are GRAND in Pokhara in terms of area, room inventory, number of conference halls, spacious parking area and, of course, long term serving experienced employees always at the disposal of the service of our guests. We are the only five star property in Pokhara. We are the market leader of Pokhara. We believe in “Complete Hospitality”.

What are the challenges you face at work and how do you handle them?

Every day is a new day with new challenges, expectations and commitments. We are here to manage the situation smoothly without compromising the service standard of the hotel at any cost. Proper planning and briefing are mandatory prior to starting a day.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

The day my mother visited me and witnessed my position, achievement and status stands out to me the most. I saw the joy and satisfaction in her eyes. That was my biggest achievement of my life so far. There is still a long way to go. 

What has been the most memorable instance in your job so far?

There are many and always memorable instances in my job. Satisfied guests and happy employees are all memorable to me.

How has your journey to become a General Manager been? Did you always wanted to become a GM? Any ups and downs?

I must say, my journey up to General Manager was very smooth. I never opted or targeted to become General Manager of the hotel. My aim was to become a successful and well versed hotelier. GM is not my ultimate goal. If God willing and my health permits, I want to dedicate one more decade to this industry.

How do you keep yourself motivated? What do you say to yourself? Any motivational quote, line, motto, slogan or core belief?

I am a morning person. I get up early and exercise. I don’t have any motivational slogan but I strongly believe in simplicity. Be grateful for the past and the present. 

If you had to choose any of the services or features of your hotel, what would you choose?

I would use the health club by the pool, a mountain facing room to glance at the Annapurna Range in the morning and, of course, a lavish buffet breakfast at Kundali Restaurant.

What is the best response you have got from any of your customers?

Always! I treasure those moments whenever guests appreciate and thank us for our services. We believe in treating all our guests in equal manner with the best of the best services. 

Do you have any grievances about this industry or about work in general?

Yes, not with the job and the industry but in general. We have never realised our potential to become one of the preferred and must visit destinations of the world. Nobody can replicate our natural majestic mountain range, iconic world heritage sites like Lumbini, and our diverse culture. We should focus more on promoting Nepal as a whole rather than individual companies.

 What is your dream?

My dream is to see all the hotels, both domestic and international chains, running in Nepal to be led by Nepalese General Managers.  

How do you unwind after a busy day of work?

I prefer to spend time with family and friends. 

What are your interests and hobbies? Do you believe in maintaining a work-life balance?

I don’t have any particular hobby. I like all kinds of entertainment stuff. I am more of a “jack of all trades and master of none”. I play good cricket, badminton and table tennis. In musical instruments, I play the guitar, drums and Tabala. I strongly believe in balancing my work and life.

What is the recipe for success according to you?

Do good, be good, be grateful and success will automatically shouldered you.

What makes your day?

Freshly brewed cup of coffee and an hour of exercise.

What is the toughest decision you have had to make in your career?

Nothing, till date. By the grace of God, I have never encountered such. God is always beside me. I am a happy go lucky person.

Is your company socially responsible? What is the social work it does?

We are socially associated with some of the organisations. We organise food and clothing for elderly people and orphanage children quarterly. We are actively involved in all the social campaigns of the ward and metropolitan.

What are your future projects?

I have few in the pipeline. Waiting for the right time.

Any advice you want to share with our readers?

Do good, be good, and live in the most positive and joyful way possible every day.

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