Nightlife Kathmandu: Things you can’t miss out

5, Jan 2021 |

Nightlife of Kathmandu is majorly concentrated within the region of Thamel due to the varied options of nightclubs, bars and casinos to choose from but despite that Kathmandu has a lot more to offer when it comes to the nightlife.


Although there are plenty of hip options for the late-night owls to choose from, we’ve enlisted a few dope ones which you can never miss out.

Thamel  Street

The streets of Thamel can be seen crowded by local and foreign tourists at any point of the day but during the night, the lanes of these streets are completely lit up and the beautiful setting of the entire place lures in locals and tourists in huge numbers. The local market here becomes a must-visit for any shopaholic as one can get attractive and fascinating stuff for a reasonable price.


Jatra is a kind of street festival that beautifully represents the culture and traditions of the local people. Indra jatra is a kind of jatra that lasts for 8 days in the month of September. The jatra starts in the evening beginning with a pole raising ceremony and then the chariot of kumari (the living goddess) is paraded in the streets of Kathmandu. During the Jatras, the entire Kathmandu including all the temples and ancient places are illuminated at night.

Sam’s Bar 

Located in Chaksibari  Marg, It is considered as one of the oldest hotels in Kathmandu. This classy bar serving only alcohol is filled with crowd at any point of the day and is also a great bar as reviewed by the tourists. If you’re a solo traveler and up for some socializing, head towards the Sam’s Bar as here you can have a chat with other fellow travelers as well.

NexUs Night Market

NexUs Night Market is held at every last Friday of the month in the garden of NexUs. Here you can find food stalls, a lot of handcrafted items and some really good music as well. If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll be recommend not to have the street food randomly without any research.

Casinos in Kathmandu

Shangri-La is among the most reputed and prestigious Casinos you’ll find in Kathmandu valley. Enjoy gambling here in the ambiance of cozy gaming rooms or invitation-only VIP room along with free-flowing drinks. To experience Royal treatment and try out a few games, you can also visit Casino Royal located at Lal Durbar. Some other Casinos worth visiting are Casino Tara, Casino Anna and Casino Radisson which visitors which viewers frequently ask for.


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