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20, Jan 2022 |

Nepal Traveller gets a sneak peek into Akari & Koko’s ‘Chef’s Special Craft Menu’

Nestled atop Vivanta Kathmandu, Akari & Koko is a splendid place to experience the culinary best. One of their in-house eateries, Akari, is the place to satiate your asian fusion cravings. And Koko emanating its own vibe – the swanky bar, rooftop lounge and pool area does the trick for Kathmnaduites. Also a popular Friday-night landing place, Akari & Koko together seek to please patrons. 

Never a dull moment, you take in the sights and smells of Akari as soon as you enter. Super-chic and amazing 180-degree views, one would have to peel their eyes away. The restaurant welcomes Sous Chef, Khadak Ayer and along with him comes the creative ‘Chef’s Special Craft Menu’. Fret not, if you don’t see many of these dishes on the menu yet, upon request Akari will step up. With dine-in options, bento box deliveries, and some of their novelty dishes from the craft menu being home-delivered, Akari & Koko is taking hospitality up a notch.


Settle down in their plush seating and sit back to admire the amuse-bouche. The bite-sized Cold Tofu is pleasant to the eyes and taste buds. Let your palate appreciate the flavours and get on with the grand meal coming your way. 


Zaru Soba noodles soup

A healthy beginning to your meal, this appetiser is a version of noodle soup served cold. The chilled broth accompanied by noodles, kombu kelp strips, soy sauce and an array of spices is completely oil-free and fat-free. This new addition to the menu is an interactive dish, where one can make their own unique bowl.  

Tom Kha Chicken soup 

Another new addition, Thai Tom Kha soup, will be available soon. Zesty spices like lemongrass, galangal  infused in coconut milk, this appetiser is creamy and mild with a hint of salty and sweet. The tender chicken along with other Thai condiments brings out the best of flavours.  

Tuna Tartare

The Tuna Tartare is definitely an intriguing dish. Raw tuna meticulously cut into small cubes and complemented by some lime, soy sauce, ginger, spicy mayo, salt and pepper. A great appetiser to get the conversations going.

Salmon Carpaccio 

A well-plated Salmon Carpaccio is always enjoyable. Make it a point to enjoy this healthy dish and savour the sweet and sour in every bite. Finely sliced raw King Salmon dressed with lime, jalapeno, radish, soy sauce, powdered sesame and seven Japanese condiments. This dish itself calls for a celebration. 

The Trio

Tempura Avocado Rolls 

One can never say no to sushi. The avocado filling tightly wrapped in a roll of rice and potato crisps is what makes it stand out. A burst of subtle flavours with a hit of heat from the wasabi in your mouth is pure heaven. 

Vegetable Rainbow Roll

The Vegetable Rainbow Roll at Akari is a kaleidoscope of colours. A delight to the eyes, these colourful sushi rolls bring joy to the table. It is a masterful experiment with kiwi, avocado, dragon fruit, cucumber stuffings and more.

Salmon and Cream Cheese Roll

Another sushi delicacy, these rolls are for seafood enthusiasts. Cream Cheese and Atlantic Salmon is a classic combination that works exceptionally well. Topped with some tobiko, sesame and more seasoning, you cannot stop at just one.

BBQ Chicken Dim sum 

Barbequed to perfection, the savoury and sweet chicken filling is almost too good to be true. Make sure to try the dim sums here for their healthy wraps. Delicate to the touch, their wraps are made from potato starch and kneaded with beetroot juice, hence, the maroon shade.

Spinach and Corn Dumplings

Crystal wraps with a sumptuous spinach and corn filling, makes this undeniable. Akari offers many healthy options such as this that don’t compromise on taste and quality. A mouthful of a fusion of spices, this appetiser definitely encourages buzz at the table.

Vegetable Bao

These steamed buns filled with nutritious vegetable filling is what everyone needs. The culinary team at Akari has definitely balanced both, calorie-efficiency and palatability. A must try for someone looking to detox.

Pork Open Buns 

A meat-lovers paradise, slices of crispy pork on a bed of spicy kimchi and sandwiched in a bun. Steamed buns of grilled pork belly, Chinese cabbage, cucumber topped with Japanese mayonnaise is perfect to chow down on when starving. 


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