Mysterious alleys of Old Bazar: Pokhara

3, Feb 2021 |

Head out towards the old town of Pokhara to get an idea of what Pokhara was like before the traffic, chaos, hustle and all the tourist traps of the city.  

Old Newari Bazar,

This traditional bazar is colorful and so are its ethnically diverse traders. In the temples and monuments of this place, one can see it's ties with the Newar architecture of the Kathmandu valley. Located about 4km from the Lakeside, the market’s original charm is alive and well.
Old Bazar also offers a wide variety of unmatched local handicrafts, and cultural attires. This marketplace sells a range of locally produced items.

300 years ago this area was the center of commerce for 200+ years in Pokhara. It was the main trading and commercial zone where all the goods were brought and sold. The architecture located in the old town provides some insight into the historical past of the city; while the rest of the city has undergone substantial modernization for commercial purposes, this part manages to retain some of its true authenticity and charisma that is definitely worth paying a visit.

Bindhyabasini Mandir,

This old market is also home to one of most important pilgrimage site for the Nepalis, the Bindhyabasini Mandir, This temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagwati, another manifestation of Shakti. It is said to be  built in 1842 B.S. by King Siddhi Narayana Shah.  Being situated about 10 meters above the valley, the visitors can have a beautiful view of Pokhara. This temple is designed in a small sikhar styled with fine stone images of Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman and Goddess Laxmi. Hundreds of devotees visit this temple especially on Saturday, to pay homage to Goddess Durga

The park-like grounds offer a fine picnic area, and on Saturdays and Tuesdays when devotees flock there to offer sacrifices, it takes on a festive local flavour.


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