Museums of Pokhara: For More on Nature, History and Culture

Other than its mesmerising beauty, Pokhara has some important museums that highlight the historical, natural and cultural assets of Nepal.

10, Jan 2023 |

In addition to Pokhara’s natural beauty and adventure activities, certain museums and culture centers are crucial in showcasing the region’s many characteristics.

Pokhara, often called “the gem in the Himalaya'', is known for its clear air, stunning snow capped peaks in the background, turquoise lakes, and lush surroundings. It is a fantastic place for a weekend break or a lengthy relaxing vacation, with the gorgeous Annapurna range serving as the backdrop, and the tranquillity of the cluster of the lakes. Pokhara Valley, the entrance to the Annapurna region, is ranked highly on our list of must-visit destinations in Nepal. 

There are some amazing and breathtaking views of natural landscapes in this city. In addition to Pokhara’s natural beauty and adventure activities, certain museums and cultural centers are crucial in showcasing the region’s many characteristics. Here is a list of some of Pokhara’s important museums:

International Mountain Museum

The International Mountain Museum was founded by Nepal Mountaineering Association in 1995 in order to preserve a record of history, progress, and illustrious accomplishments in mountaineering. Every area of the museum is intended to emphasise the admirable feats of prominent mountaineers in the magnificent Himalayas and elsewhere in the world. 


A spectacular collection of artefacts, authentic equipment, images, and details of the explorers, who had scaled some of the highest peaks in the world, can be found in the International Mountain Museum in Pokhara. You can also gain more insights about the inhabitants of the Himalayas and their most well known expeditions in this museum. Additionally, it has information and artefacts from other mountainous nations, such as Slovenia and Japan.

Gurkha Memorial Museum

The Gurkha Memorial Museum in Pokhara is a beautiful memorial to the “bravest of the brave” Gurkha troops. It is a well known location that is quite accessible. Each floor of this three story building has fantastic audio and lighting options that lead you methodically through the sets and happenings. 

The Gurkha Memorial Museum honours Gurkha warriors, who were enlisted in the British army from the 1870s and later in the Indian army following its independence. The Gurkhas proved themselves on the battlefield by fighting bravely alongside the British troops in wars. Several of them have received the Victoria Cross medal in recognition of their contributions. It has a stunning representation of the Gurkhas’ troops through several peacekeeping operations. The special aspects of the combatants’ families are beautifully shown, along with heartbreaking moments and previously unseen video footage and photos. The visitors could come, view, and feel inspired by their achievements as their uniforms, weapons, and victories are carefully labelled and displayed. 

Annapurna Butterfly Museum

There is Annapurna Butterfly Museum, a natural history and environmental museum on the second floor of the Prithivi Narayan University Campus building, Pokhara. Nearly all 660 of Nepal’s native butterfly and moth species are on display in the museum. Moths and butterflies are shown in beautiful, handcrafted dioramas. The thorough index and the dioramas illustrate the areas where these species are found in Nepal. 

The butterflies in the museum are grouped by similar species and kept beneath glass in wooden cases. Discovering the beautiful range of native moths and butterflies of this varied and special environments by opening the cases is a treat for people who are interested in butterflies and moths. Attacus Atlas, the biggest moth in the world in terms of wingspan, is a standout in the collection. You can enjoy the other alpine and tropical butterflies on the exhibit in their carefully selected and beautifully organised collection. 

Pokhara Regional Museum

Pokhara Regional Museum is the oldest museum that is run by the government of Nepal and is situated in Pokhara. It displays the ethnicity, culture, and religion of the residents of the Gandaki province. In this museum, you may see the ancient items and equipment that our ancestors had used. The museum’s exhibits are very well organised and beautiful, showcasing our unique culture, arts, and handicrafts. The museum provides information about the historical expeditions in addition to the history of Nepal. To gain adequate information of our varied and traditional Nepalese culture, it's beneficial to visit the Pokhara Regional Museum. It can assist you in learning more about traditional dancing, attire, way of life, and much more. This museum has also preserved the records of our long-dead customs. 

Do not forget to keep these places in mind the next time you visit Pokhara!

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

Photos By: Thrillophilia, Holidify, Kaushal Subedi

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