Mauritius; a heaven on Earth

1, Nov 2019 |

Cool, dry and sunny during winter, Mauritius is the perfect getaway from the chills of winter

Mark Twain once said that ‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven being copied after that’. It is a perfect description for the beauty of Mauritius. Mauritius, being a volcanic island, has several breath-taking summits and valleys to explore on foot. The island is well known for its natural beauty.  Famed for its azure blue waters and powder-white beaches, Mauritius is a stunning place to relax both the mind and soul. Diving and snorkelling offshore and hiking in the forested and mountainous regions are also some of the adventurous things you can do at this place. Filled with diverse cultures and rich cuisine, this place is bursting with vitality. 

Here are some ways to make the most out of your stay in Mauritius:


Black River Gorges is the largest and finest park in Mauritius. It harbors about 311 species of native and endemic flowering plants and nine species of birds, which are found only in Mauritius. The Macchabee Trail provides a quick and easy hike through this wild region of pitching hills and thick forest. The trail runs from Le Petrin Information Centre to the Black River Visitors Centre via the picturesque Macchabee Viewpoint – the perfect place for a picnic. Other well-known trails are the Le Pouce, Lion Mountain, Le Morne Brabant and Piton De La Petite Riviere Noire.

Helicopter tour

If you don’t like straining your muscles and exhausting yourself, take to the skies to get a captivating view; ride on a helicopter. Pilots cruise low over the fringes of the island’s reef, allowing you to look straight down through the clear waters to coral formations. One of the most inspiring sights wile on the air is the summit of Pieter Both Mountain which is simply majestic.


Among all the exhilarating water sports seen in Mauritius, snorkelling is the most popular one. Featuring vibrant coral reefs and marine organisms, Mauritius offers snorkelling at various beaches and this truly fascinating water sport is a must try for all.

Sea karting

What exactly is a sea kart? Part jet-ski, part RIB (rigid-inflatable boat), it is a jet boat that will bring an unforgettable adrenaline rush. Every pull of the throttle on the steering wheel is sure to give bursts of laughter and joy as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can also bask in the superb view of the scenery around.

Kite surfing

Kite surfing is the fastest growing water sport in the world, with giant crescent-shaped kites seen soaring along coastlines all over the globe. As well as being an enjoyable, social sport, kite surfing can boost your levels of health and fitness. The most extreme of water sports, kite surfing fuses three challenging disciplines: windsurfing, wakeboarding and power kite flying. It is considered as tougher, faster and more exhilarating than any other water activity. The fun thing is that Mauritius holds one of the best places for kite surfing not only for experts but also for beginners. Immerse yourself in this strenuous exercise and feel yourself at ease.

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