Matka Ma Chaska: Tradition Meets Taste at Hyatt Place Kathmandu

28, Jan 2023 |

Inspired by traditions in Nepal and India, Matka Ma Chaska spills flavours into your plate that will entice your taste buds.

Located inside the Hyatt Place Kathmandu, Zing World of Flavours has introduced a pop-up menu that will be accessible from January 27 to February 5. The traditional custom of serving food on plates made of leaves and cooking it in clay pots in various regions of India and Nepal served as the inspiration for this pop-up menu. Baburam Sharma, the executive chef at the Hyatt Place Kathmandu, brings his 18 years of expertise into this menu by pulling inspiration from dishes like lamb trotters from Mustang, JuJu Dhau from Bhaktapur, Phirni from Punjab, and many others.

Any cuisine prepared in earthenware, cooked over fire, and served on plates made of leaves certainly tastes exquisite. There are a number of selections on the menu. Let's dive right into the delectable dishes we tried.

Handi Chamre

The smell of the rice itself is fragrant. The rice, which was brought in from Jhapa, is commonly referred to as Nepali Kalo Nuniya Rice. The flavour is highly addictive when cooked in ghee and has a sweet aftertaste.

Ahuna Chicken

The braised chicken is presented in a pot that is brimming with an array of spices. The slow-cooked chicken is flavourful and delicious when combined with Handi Chamre.

Handi Trout

Handi Trout is served with gravy, which has been simmered in a pot with an abundance of spices, onions, and tomato paste. Being cooked in a clay pot gives it a thick texture and a rich, spice-filled flavour. Also, the aftertaste has a timur undertone that gives it a "twakka" flavour.

Aatukal Soup

It is first burned to give it a smokey flavour, taking inspiration from the lamb trotters created in Mustang. It later is served with a bone marrow and is cooked with it to give it a rich texture. This winter, its pleasant flavour will keep any patron’s body warm.

Juju Dhau

The milk is carefully prepared after being brought in directly from a farm. The curd has a creamy texture and is flavoured with cardamom seed and has caramelized sugar on top. It tastes authentic oozing from the clay pot, and the caramelized sugar gives it a distinct flavour.

Kullar Gudpak Cheese Cake

It has a traditional modern concept- thanks to a mascarpone cheese and cream cheese mixture- with Gudpak as its base. The taste is unmatched when presented in an earthen ware. The cake's smoothness and the flavour of the clay pot give it an exquisite flavour. Once you start eating it, you won't be able to stop. “We drew inspiration from many regions of India and Nepal, and thanks to our young and motivated crew, we were able to pull this off. Eating from the plates made of leaves adds a lovely flavour to the food,” said Baburam Sharma, the executive chef of Hyatt Place. 

Compiled By: Simran Shrestha

Photos By: Ayush Maharjan

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