Marble Dada: A Short Hike into Refreshing Nature

1, Jan 2021 |

The hilltop got its name after a Marble Factory that was established long ago, which now is not in operation.


Our Kathmandu valley is surrounded by hills and beautiful small villages. That is why we have many destinations that we can choose to feel the fresh air of refreshing nature. Marble Dada is one such short hiking destination where you will walk into the lush green forest with a narrow path.

The hilltop got its name after a Marble Factory that was established long ago, which now is not in operation. Since the building still lies there, and the spot is known by the factory, the hike up to the hilltop is also called MARBLE Dada.

The path up to the hill is freshening with the smell, the sound, and cool air flowing. It would be around 20-25 minutes walk with blues sky above and green trees around accompanied by the beautiful chirping sound of the birds. The main relish comes when you reach the top. The view from the dada (hilltop) is not quite an every-day scene. Once you are there, you can experience the beautiful green hills and small valleys that you can spot with your eyes, far away from the city. You might want to spend an hour or so in the spot with a calming view and enjoy with your friends, with some snacks and chit chats.

With our busy schedule with jobs and studies, we’ve forgotten to take a short break into the nature that we residents of Kathmandu are blessed with. We have many mesmerizing natural spots that we can explore. Marble Dada is the best location for those new to hiking, as the trail is short and will exceed your expectations. You can visit this destination with your friends and family.

Know Before you Go:

-    The ride to Marble Factory is about 25 minutes on two-wheelers. Parking is available. And we need to hike from there for about 20 minutes.

-    It is advisable to carry some snacks to enjoy on the top. Limited choices would be available in the small shops only located in the Marble Factory stop.

-    Carry water. It is important to keep yourself hydrated during the hike.

-    Make sure you carry basic first aid like handsaplast or at least a cream. Since some parts of the route might be bushy, you might get scratches here and there on your screen.

-    Keep the trail clean and manage your trash.

-    Do not forget to take amazing pictures from the top of the hill.



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