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19, Oct 2020 |

Janakpur is popular because of the majestic Ram Janaki Temple and its connection with the Ramayan


No idea how to keep yourself busy in Janakpur? Rest easy.

Here are some of the major attractions to keep you going when in Janakpur.

Janakpur (also known as Janakpurdham), the ancient Mithila town is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus from all over the world. Situated in the southern Terai region, Janakpur is popular because of the majestic Ram Janaki Temple and its connection with the Ramayan.

Janaki Mandir

Most probably the main reason for many people to visit Janakpur is the Janaki Mandir. The reason is justifiable. Dedicated to Goddess Sita, Janaki Mandir is the biggest temple in Nepal.

The dominant tourist attraction of Janakpur is constructed at the place where Goddess Sita was born. The legendary Ram Janaki Temple lies right at the centre of Janakpur and is a powerful spiritual presence. The temple spread over 4,860 sq ft is built with stone and marble. The crowd of devotees visiting the temple even during normal days tells you just how popular it is. Visit the temple in the evening when it is much cooler and to take in its lighting and decorations.

Ram Sita Vivah Mandap

While you are here, you should also visit the Ram Janaki Vivaha Mandap, which is believed to be the actual wedding venue of the deities. The Shrine is unique with its subtle connotation of Mithila aesthetics and is surrounded with mini temples housing the four couples individually – Ram-Sita, Bharat-Mandavi, Lakshman-Urmila and Shatrugahn-Shrutakirti. Hindu devotees worship at this place mainly on Vivah Panchami every year.

Ganga Sagar

The huge and famous lake, Ganga Sagar in Janakpur is located close to Janakmahal. The lake is considered sacred and is considered to be one of the more important pools in Janakpur along with Dhanush Sagar.

Close by is the 70-year-old Ganga Sagar library where you can find some interesting books and magazines to read and spent your time sitting at the bank of the pond.

Dhanush Sagar

Dhanush Sagar is a sacred pond located near the famous Ram Mandir of Janakpur. It is also the largest ceremonial pond in the city. You can enjoy several small shrines all around the perimeter and vendors selling flower and other ritual object for the puja.

Taking a bath at the ghat is considered sacred by the devotees before visiting the Janaki Mandir.

Ram Mandir

One of the oldest temples in Janakpur built in the late 1700s by Amar Singh Thapa, a Gorkhali General, the architecture of the temple is traditional pagoda-style like the other shrines in the region.

The modestly quaint temple is flocked by pilgrims during Ram Navami and Dashain which are sacred and important annual festivals dedicated to Lord Rama. The opulent temple is a perfect attraction for those interested in exploring ancient cultures and experiencing its divine vibe.

Maha Ganga Arati

Every evening at the large, central bathing tank of Ganga Sagar, a small puja ceremony involving a lot of crashing of cymbals, ringing of bells and waving of candles takes place. Anyone is welcome to join in. Enjoy the cool evenings of Janakpur with this spiritual touch.

Shopping and Food

In Janakpur don’t forget to enjoy the Terai-Indian flavour of their food and the varieties of mouth-watering mithai (sweets) like lal mohan, buniya ladoo, kaju barfi, pista barfi, jalebi.

The rickshaw rides are adventurous and the lively bazaars are the other highlights of the city. If you are an art person, you will love shopping for Mithila products. Janakpur is also the perfect place to buy fabrics and saris besides Mithila bed sheets. Don’t forget to take some silver for yourself as the city is known for the best silver designs ornaments throughout the country.


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