“Lhosar Anshimala” – Happy New Year

This joyous congregation of the Gurung community is a true testament to the Nepali culture of “Unity in Diversity”

31, Dec 2019 | nepaltraveller.com

Tamu Lhosar is a festival celebrated by the Gurung community every 15th of Paush to bid farewell to the winter and welcome the coming of spring annually.

While the majority of the Nepalese and people all over the world await the clock striking 12:00 to welcome the New Year’s and the New Decade, the Gurung community are blessed with double delight!. Today the 15th of Paush is celebrated as Tamu Lhosar across Gurung communities around the nation with much fervour and huzzah!

Tamu Lhosar- the bidding of farewell to the previous year and welcoming the new one with open arms holds much significance in the Gurung community. The Gurung much like the Tibetan calendar, divides its time span to a duration of 12 years with each year(local nomenclature: “Barga” or “Lho”) represented by an animal - Garuda, Serpent, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Bird, Dog, Deer, Mouse, Cow, Tiger and Cat. To celebrate Tamu Lhosar the community dress up in their traditionall attire and visit Buddhist Gumbas .The men dress up in Bhangra, Dhaka Topi, Kacchad and Bhoto. The women put on Ghalek, Tamla, Tiki, Chaubandi, Cholo, Kramu, Chitgu Guniyo and adorn themselves with beautiful ornaments.

These revellers clad in traditional dresses rejoice in the Tamu Lhosar-Mela at Tundikhel, Kathmandu. Here, they dance, sing and enjoy with their near and dear ones. All the while awarding and recognising those distinguished members of the Gurung Community who have selflessly contributed and achieved leaps for the welfare of the community. The mela comprises of cultural programmes, food stalls with food indigenous to the community such as Sel roti, Gundruk and Nari Pa.

This joyous congregation of the Gurung community is a true testament to the Nepali culture of “Unity in Diversity”. With 52 different Gurung factions working under 1 unified name the “Tamu Hyula Gurung Rastriya Parisad” to organize and celebrate this festival with great fervour.

This New Year let us all join together towards a better and secular Nepal!.


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