Leap into thin air to hug Bhote Koshi

14, Feb 2023 | nepaltraveller.com

Love adrenaline rushes? Butterflies in your stomach? Not afraid to experience flying? Want to overcome your fear of heights? The Last Resort it is!

Whenever we think of adventure sports, the one name that surely pops in our mind is bungee jumping; the mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness that accompanies bungee jumping makes it a thrilling sport worth trying at least once in a lifetime. And the one name that pops in our mind whenever we think of bungee jumping in Nepal is The Last Resort. 

Located 100 km away from Kathmandu, The Last Resort is the brainchild of David H Allardice and Bishnu Neupane. This eco-friendly resort is nestled on top of a gorge close to the Tibetan border amid terraced slopes with Bhote Koshi River roaring below.

The Last Resort pioneered bungee jumping in Nepal. Here, you will be jumping from a  privately owned 166-metre Swiss-designed suspension bridge, which has a loading factor of 4.5 tons. Jumping from a bridge 160 metres over a tropical gorge with the Bhote Koshi River rushing below is enough to make your pulse beat faster. Leaping into the thin air and hugging the Bhote Koshi allows you a five-second free fall, which is more than enough to enjoy the thrill. 

Your bungee jumping expedition starts from a briefing hall where you will be given all of the necessary safety procedures and answers to all your questions. Make sure you don’t have any of the health conditions like asthma or other respiratory disorders, bone fractures or other medical surgeries, easily dislocated joints, any medication for high/low blood pressure, heart disease, pregnancy, epilepsy, neurological problems, psychological problems, and any artificial limbs. You will then be weighed and divided into three categories based–40 kg to 60 kg, 60 kg to 75 kg, and 75 kg to 105 kg. 

As bungee instructors at the resort say, the jump is definitely, “Walking like a penguin and flying like a bird.”  To try the bungee jump, one must be at least 40 kg to 90 kg and 18 years and older or have consent from parents in case of a minor. The jump master will determine your turn on the day itself, so there is no way to know beforehand. When it is your turn to jump, the adrenaline will rush up your spine and the excitement level will reach new heights. After your exhilarating bungee jumping experience, you may relax in their resort area with some fresh juice or cocktails and light refreshments, enjoying the tranquillity and sunshine. 

The resort has 20 comfortable safari tents and 5 rooms surrounded by vegetation, bamboo shoots, and trees. The tents can accommodate 70 visitors at once which ensures a quiet and peaceful stay in an exotic setting. All tents have bedding and towels, a luggage rack, and a rack to hang your clothes. You don’t need to worry because there are always restroom and shower facilities near your tent, including solar showers with backup gas and electricity. 

Likewise, the resort also has a wide family area, an outdoor dining buffet, a bar with cosy couch, a sauna, a fitness centre, and a comfortable tanning bed sitting on the grass. Additional amenities at this holiday park include a picnic area and barbecue grills. Featured amenities include a 24-hour front desk, luggage storage, and a safe deposit box at the front desk. The only way to get to the lodging is over a suspension bridge overlooking the spectacular Bhote Koshi river. 

The resort has an experienced team of brilliant chefs who will curate for you dishes continental, oriental, international, local, you name it. They are all cooked with fresh and organic ingredients. But what makes The Last Resort a great place to stay is not only their food, safari tents, sauna, or even their surroundings; It’s the experience in terms of hospitality that you get from their local staff. 

If you’re planning for a day trip, the resort also provides different kinds of one-day packages that include transportation, activity, and lunch. Aside from bungee jumping, The Last Resort also offers canyon swing and tandem swing(couple swing) which is one of the world’s highest and ultimate swings, experiencing a free fall of 100 metres for seven-seconds and offering an adrenaline-filled and gravity-defying adventure. The weight limit for canyon swing is 120kg and for tandem swing is 140kg. 

The paved road, nature, jungle, people, adventure, and the Bhote Koshi are always welcoming to teleport you to a different world with a tremendous amount of luxury. The Last resort is more than just a resort; it’s a bridge that connects you to nature and intense thrills.

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