Kolkata’s Authentic Taste in Kathmandu

Café Kolkata is the ideal place to go if you adore Indian food or are craving the authentic essence of Kolkata

15, Sep 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

Café Kolkata serves exquisite dishes with the flavour of Kolkata.

Gateway to eastern India and home to prominent intellectuals, Kolkata is known for its leisurely pace and intellectual prowess. A city of colonial architecture, museums, art galleries, temples, music and theatre, Kolkata is also famous for its traditional food. But what we tell you that you don’t really have to travel to Western India to get a taste of Kolkata food? That’s right. Cafe Kolkata in Bagdol, Lalitpur, has a range of lip-smacking food that will transport you to the City of Joy.

Kolkata-Style Chicken Biryani

If you love eating biryani, you must try the Kolkata Style Chicken Biryani at Café Kolkata. The moderately mellow and mildly drizzled flavour of the biryani imparts the authentic essence of Kolkata-style chicken biryani. With its luscious Basmati rice, savoury meat, glistening egg, boiled potato and just a tinge of sweetness, Kolkata biryani accommodates all the ingredients required to gratify you in an enchanting mood. On top of the splendour of fragrant rice, a brown, boiled potato gives texture and flavour to the whole platter. The savoury chicken marinated for an hour or two in special biryani spices and curd bounces the luscious tang to the Kolkata-style chicken biryani.

Kolkata-Style Potato Chop

The potato chop can be eaten as a main meal or an appetiser and is crispy on the outside and soft inside.

In Café Kolkata, the potato chop is served with a delightful surprise of chicken and onion minced inside a perfectly draped potato patty. The peculiar essence of the dish is enhanced by the subtle aroma of ginger juice, pepper, and soy sauce. The potato chop is coated with breadcrumbs, which gives it an extra crunch.

Kolkata-Style Chicken Shami Kebab

At Café Kolkata, the exquisite Kolkata-style chicken shami kebabs are prepared with minced chicken and chana dal (split chickpea lentils), then doused in eggs and fried in a skillet till golden. Shami kebabs are seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices—onion, chillies, coriander, and mint—and then drizzled with lemon juice. The flavourful, spicy shami kebab patties are the power-packed protein patties that make them the ultimate snack for health-conscious people.

Kolkata-Style Lachha Paratha and Chicken Kofta Ball Curry

Café Kolkata offers the delightful lachha Paratha and Chicken Kofta Ball Curry. The texture of the lachha paratha is peculiar, with crispy edges and flaky layers in which the pleated layers are apparent. The distinctive texture and aromatic flavour of lachha paratha are imparted by the inclusion of milk, egg, and rose water while kneading the dough. The lachha parathas of Café Kolkata are known for their readily apparent buttery and flaky layers, confer an exquisite crispy texture.

The delightful bowl of chicken kofta ball curry complements the flaky lachha paratha. The aroma of sautéed onion, garlic, and ginger mingled with the essence of coriander and curry leaves imparts the chicken kofta ball curry its flavour profile. Coconut milk gives the curry a velvety texture, making it more delightful to devour with lachha paratha.

Chicken Shami Kabab roll

Your mouth is immediately flooded with various flavours as soon as you bite into the Chicken Shami Kabab Roll, which is made of tender and savoury chicken marinated in curd and aromatic spices. The crunchy capsicum and onion sautéed in tart-and-tangy mustard oil with spicy chicken rolled inside the soft roll is a lip-smacking appetiser.

Café Kolkata is the optimum abode for all the foodies seeking to satisfy their appetites and savour Indian-inspired dishes.

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Cafe Kolkata

Bagdol, Ground Floor of  Everest Bank, Lalitpur


Text by: Sampada

Photos by: Bidyash Dangol

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