Ice-cream parlours to visit when in Kathmandu

27, Sep 2022 |

One of the world’s favourite desserts, ice cream comes in various flavours, forms, shapes and sizes. Today, Nepal Traveller explores some of the famous ice cream parlours in the Valley.

Shree Gha Kulfi:

Located at the Shree Gha monastery complex, Shree Gha Kulfi is arguably the best place for kulfi and ice cream bars that sell various flavours, including lime, chocolate, titaura, and so much more. The calm monastery complex also makes a great spot to hang out with your friends over kulfi. 

Location: Shree Gha Bihar Rd, Kathmandu
Contact: 984-3671332

Jack & Jill: 

Jack & Jill serves what is probably the largest portion of ice cream you can find anywhere in the city and just for Rs 100. They serve their famous softy ice cream– although in limited flavours (chocolate, blueberry, strawberry and vanilla), but the business is expanding, and there are potentially going to be more branches and more flavours. Apart from Softy Ice Cream, they also serve Soda and Bubble Tea. 

Location: Patan Durbar Square, Lalitpur
Contact: 984-1334835

Baskin Robbin:

The all-vegetarian multinational franchise of Baskin Robbins now also has various branches throughout Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Pokhara. Their ice creams have a rich milky taste and come in unorthodox flavours. Mississippi Mud and Cotton Candy are to die for! You might also even find Baskin Robbins’ packaged ice cream at your local convenience store but going to the parlour and standing in the line, sitting down with your friends to savour the delicacy, has its fun.

Location: Labim Mall, Pulchowk Rd, Lalitpur 
Contact: 980-1168860


Not an ice-cream parlour in the literal sense of the word, but Himeberry’s strawberry ice cream is the best you can find in the city— they do not have any other flavours. Himeberry sells organic strawberries and strawberry products, including milkshakes, jam and ice cream, all made from scratch at the store itself. It is also located at Durbarmarg, the heart of Kathmandu, making transportation there convenient from anywhere in the city.

Location: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu
Contact: 014540417

Sweet Fix:

Sweet Fix is where you should be if you’re in the mood for popsicles. Having branches at various places throughout the city, Sweet Fix has gained popularity among local teens very quickly. They have unorthodox international and local flavours, including blueberry yoghurt, juju dhau, pineapple titaura, strawberry cheesecake and much more. Their popsicles can be very refreshing after a long, tedious hot day.

Location: Nhoosa Marg, Basantapur
Contact: 9828583465

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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