How to ensure the hotel you plan to stay in is safe?

4, Aug 2020 |

Tips on what to look for when deciding on a hotel

As parts of the country begin to reopen, the tourism sector has officially been allowed to start services from July 30. Travellers have also started formulating vacation plans with an eye towards safety and mitigation. For travel, staying in a hotel is inevitable. Therefore, people are wondering how to manage the risk of staying in a hotel during the current situation.

Basically, hotels are the places where you cannot avoid the facilities. It is a place where each and every object- from TV remote control to furnishings and the bathrooms all are used by a visitor after visitor. This was never an issue of discussion before but now the scenario is not the same, a time when social distancing and sanitizing are the top priorities.


6 Things to check before staying at a hotel:

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1. Before booking a hotel, check the hotel’s website and make sure to read the Covid-19 health and safety policies they follow. Don’t hesitate to call the property if you have any questions or concerns about the hotel rooms and public areas.


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2. You can always check if your hotel is properly cleaned and disinfected by seeing the bathroom and seeing if the room is free of any dust. You can also check the heating vents to make sure the rooms are clean and free of dirt. Those are the areas to check first, which are the key indicator of whether the hotel is clean and safe.


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3. Scan for clues in the form of sanitizer dispensers in various places. With the modern policies now, the first thing you should see is a hand sanitizer dispenser right at the entrance of a hotel.


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4. When it comes to dining in a hotel, the risk is increased more. Be less worried about the menu or tablecloth. Those can be laundered and disinfected but when the food shows up you are going to take your mask off. Check to see if the dining rooms and common areas are practicing social distancing as well.


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5. One of the major questions is, does the housekeeping staff routinely disinfect their hands before they make beds and do cleaning activities? Hand disinfection is probably better than using gloves because once the gloves become contaminated, it’s hard to clean them until you get rid of them unless you keep using gloves after gloves. Hands are disinfected more readily.


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6. Ask your hotel what cleaning products they are using. They should be using the approved registered disinfectant in their rooms and should be able to tell you that. Ask the front desk about their cleaning protocol.

If a hotel does not have these safety measures, think twice about staying there and risking the infection of Covid-19.



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