Hike to Baghdwar: Origin of the Holy Bagmati River

22, Feb 2024 | nepaltraveller.com

Baghdwar, the place from where holy river of Bagmati originates is one of the most cultural and historical places one can go for a one day hike.

“Bagh” meaning tiger intertwining with the word “dwar” meaning gate, giving birth to Baghdwar, “the tiger’s gate”- the place from where holy river of Bagmati originates is one of the most cultural and historical places one can go for a one day hike.

The trail to Baghdwar starts from Narayanthan. Starting from Rnac one can reach Narayanthan in about 30-45 min in a public vehicle. It costs around 35-40 rs per head. From there one can book a taxi to reach national park gate or can either walk which takes about 20/25 min. The walk to the national park may seem as a steep height though for beginners.One can have breakfast in Narayanthan itself before entering the national park as there are adequate number of hotels and homestays where you get good food at a reasonable price.

After having breakfast you can head up to the national park gate where you need to buy a ticket which costs rs 100 per head. Also, a sheet of paper is given where we need to write about the food and plastic items we have brought including chocolates. So please do not throw the chocolate wrapper on the hiking trail if you wish to return back to your home. Also, meat items are not allowed on the hiking trail.

The hiking trail is 26 km (up and down) where there are both stairs and uneven trails and takes about 7 hours to complete the trail but the officers assigned there may say that it'll take 5 hours to reach up. So please be prepared not to get intimidated by their statement though they will make a straight face while saying this.

With limited amount of sign boards in the trail, you might think that you're lost but it is quite a straight path so you'll definitely not get lost unless you want to get lost. After reaching Baghdwar you'll notice various components. While gazing at these very components, you might notice remains of worships like the tikas, essence sticks and ritual cloths on some of the deities.

Offering a fascinating blend of cultural and historical significance, As you stand at the origin of the Bagmati River, you'll realise that the journey to Baghdwar is not just a hike but  an enriching experience that leaves an indelible mark on ones soul thereby returning home with not just physical exertion but also with memories to cherish and stories to share, knowing that you've embarked on a truly transformative expedition.

Photo Credit: Sankhyika Singh

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