Here’s where your next getaway should be, according to your zodiac sign

Moon Down, is back from a trip among the stars and here to tell you that, you too, should take a trip along the country.

19, Aug 2022 |

On this week’s horoscope, the stars are on the move just as you should be. As the stars align, your destination may be waiting underneath these exact stars.



Being a patient person is a very tasking responsibility. This week you deserve peace and quiet dear Aries.  As hectic as you like your life, it is perhaps a time to take a break. When was the last time you breathed fresh air? Seems like forever. This week travel down to Chitwan to take a trek among the mountains and witness the breathtaking taking peaks of Nepal as you travel up. Rather than engaging with the same people, this trek might allow you to meet new people who don’t test your limits this time…or perhaps meet animals in Chitwan National Park who don't test your patience. 


Taurus, Taurus, Taurus. Dust that negativity off your shoulder. This week your planets have aligned in positivity. It is time to get yourself up and amp up your spirituality. No longer feeling sorry for yourself. As per the signs, in order to bring peace and heighten your spirituality, you should travel down to Bouddha. The spiritual vibes may help you to relax and bring peace to your bleeding heart. Walking around the stupa and discovering shops where you can eat, shop to talk your negativity away. Maybe you’ll even meet someone special as you walk around….


The planets this week possess a lot of negativity for you. Gemini, you will be under pressure a lot. And in order to relieve this pressure, it is quite explainable why you should carry an umbrella and visit the bustling streets of Patan. Take a tour around the historic monuments. Head into the museum of Patan and think of other people rather than those who surround you at the moment. The bustling streets of this wonderful place will remind you to take a fresh breath. There is much more to life, like boba! 


Have been some good weeks at work Cancer? Well, it must be, because this week the planets sing in harmony for you as they are full of new opportunities. Cancer, you must go camping in Chitlang. Months you spent in a confined space it is now time to celebrate with nature the success you have bought. Chitlang has such a tranquil atmosphere. As you stay here you can also visit the different villages and meet wonderful people who are not immediately congratulating you. The Kulekhani river is a must-visit for you Cancer. Just as the river flows, your memories will also flow through your head as you look back on the past week or month. 


Deep breathes Leo, deep breaths. The planets this week have outlined that you are calm and relaxed and working on your negative traits. To challenge these negative traits take a trip down to House of Palettes. This is a simple trip down to Lalitpur and is sure to help you paint out those nasty negative traits. 


Things do not look good for you Virgo. Intense workload has been piling up and mood swings have been eating you up. The perfect thing to do as of right now is to get away from this stress. Even if it is for a day. Going around Kathmandu durbar square and getting sucked into the enriched culture, going to the packed streets of Asan and buying yourself something as a gift. You may also find eating juju dahi another rewarding and refreshing source of food. 


You are perfect Libra. Your planets speak just as you do, in pure bliss. This week things may seem a little too bland. Take yourself out to Pokhara. The activities in this place are sure to eat your boredom in life away. Take part in thrilling adventures to give your life that much-needed edge back. 


The week is looking good for you as well Scorpio. Instead of being pinchy this week, you are bound to be polite and receive the same behaviour from other signs. This attitude makes you think a lot of life, so it’s time to go live it. Take a breathtaking trek down to Annapurna base camp. The trek will help you reen energies and connect with nature. 


August is a pretty good month for you Sagittarius. Your life is full of exciting things as of right now. To make things more exciting, why don't you and your pals take a trip down to Khaptad. The steep slopes and streams and meadows are sure to bring out more excitement.


It's time to sleep. Dear Capricorn, you haven't had a good sound sleep in ages, and that has been affecting you much in other aspects of life. But as you try to get that sound sleep, relax at Chandragiri hills, where you can connect with nature and even better, wake up from your sound sleep with a majestic view. 


Your luck has been skyrocketing. You just surpassed a full moon which has brought you many good things. You have been driven by a force of justice- and it is certainly time to bring justice to your travel trips. In order to feel lucky and heightened with the full moon, you should take a trip down to Bhaktapur. This city has its own unique environment filled with many things to accomplish. So if you think you've lucked out on a trip, you surely should roam around Bhaktapur. 


Last but not certainly least. Pisces your communication skills are exquisite, along with your healing skills. You are on a path of self-discovery Pisces. To enlighten this path of self-discovery, take a well-deserved trip down to Kakani. This place is perfect for some peace and quiet and to do some journaling. The beautiful night sky is sure to remind you of how far along this self-discovery journey you are and how much you've grown! 




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