Here’s where you should dine, according to your star sign

5, Aug 2022 |

In a new column, Nepal Traveller’s clairvoyant astrologer, Moon Down, looks to the cosmo for answers on where you should dine this coming week.

Your food destination for this week is written in the stars. Whether it’s work lunch or a weekend hang with your gal pals, there’s plenty of gastronomical adventure in store for many signs. Here's what the horoscope from August 5-11 looks like:



Hate to burst your bubble, Aries, but if you thought this week would be some easy, breezy sail into the summer sunset, think again. This month is filled with many ups and downs, it could be a ride at the county fair. The stars are urging you to take a step back and cool off a bit… perhaps with a delicious sweet treat? The homemade churros at Salon De Kathmandu taste heavenly, plus you’ll get to dine in the perfect mix of warm reception and a beautiful environment.



Taurus, good news: August is your luckiest month of 2022. Mars remains in Taurus until the 8th, which means the wave of power, connection, and manifestation you’ve been riding flows all the way to September. Celebrate that intoxicating energy at Piano Piano, where the finest quality Italian bites are served with the best wine choices. The food and gorgeous energy are so good that you’ll be plotting your next visit before the check arrives.



When Venus, the dreamy planet of love, enters your third house of communication on August 6, prepare to be the most famous person in your friend group. Invites will ping your phone, dinners will need to be arranged, and yes, your love life will skyrocket. Whether in a relationship or looking for something new, take a chance and bring a cutie to Pauline's Rooftop. Revel in Kathmandu’s splendid sunsets and see the place transform into a buzzing night spot offering curated cocktails and Nepal’s best brews paired with delectable bar bites, which are high on flavour and low on fuss. There’s a slight chaotic feel here, but that’s exactly what you ordered. 



Although most of the week will be hectic, your instincts will signal you to take a break by Wednesday. Mercury will enter your fourth house, which rules the home, family, peace, and safety, and ushers in a time filled with relaxation and rest. And what better place to do that than poolside with a drink in hand? We like Akari, a rooftop restaurant whose minimalist design aesthetic borrowed from Oriental manga culture will give you the peaceful setting you need.



With the Sun and Venus in your native sign, it’s full-blown Leo season, and you don’t care who knows it. The cosmos give you the go-ahead to live your best, most courageous life. And they’re telling you to dine at Garden Terrace, The Soaltee Kathmandu’s All Day Dining Restaurant at the lobby level. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so stay there as long as you want and enjoy an array of deliciously tasty food.



With Virgo season knocking on the door, this week will be unlike any other. Your life will be infused with newfound wisdom and rejuvenation, thanks to Virgo's new moon and sun at the end of the month. Enjoy that revelation at Yum Yum. Located at the core of Jhamsikhel, it is the preeminent Asian food destination, serving everything from the best sushi to Thai curry and delicious hotpot.



You are an angel, a social butterfly, and this is a fantastic week for you to spread your wings. Venus enters your 7th house on the 7th of August (how very fitting), which means your realm of connection, social image, and friendship will shine even brighter. Take the crew to Barc. Hidden and intimate, it is coincidentally very on theme for a speakeasy bar.



A full moon in Aquarius is game-changing for you, Scorpio. On August 11th, the moon enters your fourth house of home and family, where you’ll find the strength to protect your peace, draw some boundaries, and relax. You need a place to recharge your battery, and Aema-K is a great place to do just that. It’s a rooftop restaurant where you’ll eat amazing pizzas and refreshing cocktails. Go ahead and put your feet up—you deserve it.



Venus teams up with Jupiter, your home planet, in Aries on the 9th, throwing you into a groove of good times and passion. People are noticing you, Sagittarius, so lean into it. Go on a hot date, buy a new outfit, or gather all your closest friends for a night of paella, cured meats, and sangria at Chimes Restaurant. The restaurant is charming and lovely in a delightful late-summer kind of way. 



When Mars mingles with Pluto in your native sign on August 6, expect the emotional floodgates to open, Capricorn. We know that doesn’t often happen for you, but instead of fighting it, just let it happen. Take yourself out on a self-care date, precisely one that involves as much pasta and natural wine as possible. We recommend Bricks Cafe. Pro tip—order their Penne Rosemary Chicken.



Congrats, Aquarius: there’s a supermoon on the horizon, and it’s got your name on it. On August 7, the full moon in Aquarius (also known as the Sturgeon Full Moon) is the year's last supermoon and will thrust you into the spotlight. This is a time to make moves, dream big, and journal your little heart out, so head to The Yard By Oasis Garden Homes and unwind on their comfy lounges.



As the last sign in the zodiac, you’re mystical by nature, Pisces, and you’ll be feeling those powers in full effect in August. On the 6th, a new moon in Virgo will light up your seventh house, the place where relationships, commitment, and respect go to thrive. So, dine at Aloft’s expansive all-day dining restaurant, Nook. Its approach is in the style of a “House Kitchen." Creative and contemporary, Nook has its own personality, which is unparalleled in Thamel.

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