Harnessing the Christmas Spirit Early

16, Oct 2019 | nepaltraveller.com

Preparations for Christmas are taking swing early as Vivanta Kathmandu arranges its first Cake Mixing Ceremony

Nowadays many hotels hold an annual cake mixing ceremony spreading the Christmas spirit. The cake mixture is usually prepared and soaked a month or so before Christmas to get an authentic taste.  Marking the onset of Christmas season, Vivanta Kathmandu organized its first cake mixing ceremony on October 15, Tuesday. Held on the terrace restaurant, Koko Bar where a gentle breeze blew, it was a fine day for the festivity to begin.

The event started off at 12:30 pm with a welcome speech and a brief description of the cake mixing ceremony by the Executive Chef, Milind Kumbhare. Then the celebrities were invited to mix the blend of spices, herbs , dried fruits and nuts with rum and wine.

“After every 15 days, rum and wine are added into the mixture so as to marinate it deeply ensuring a rich flavour. This is continued for about three to four times before it is finally stored to be just used before Christmas to bake goods.”, said Kumbhare. The event was marked to an end with the spread transferred into a box and drinks passed around amidst claps and cheers.


Vivanta Kathmandu

Jhamsikhel Road 03, Lalitpur 44600


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